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fifa world cup brasil 2014 official emblem unveiled.

10 Jul

honestly, not the best looking emblem – by far.


german battle plan against spain & argentina. #ger vs. #esp & #arg #worldcup

6 Jul

german battle plan against argentina in the quarter-finals:

and the german battle plan against spain for the world cup semi-finals:

miroslav klose flip. #ger #worldcup

5 Jul

what a game the germany – argentina match was. (in case you missed it: germany won 4-0.

miroslav klose once again proved why he is a cold blooded world class striker. after his second goal he did his trademark flip that every bundesliga or germany fan has come to love over the years.

why germany will win the world cup. #ger #worldcup

2 Jul

any questions? no? thank you! see you in the final.

what gets me through the day. #ger #worldcup

30 Jun


germany advanced to the quarterfinals for the 15th straight world cup – every time since 1954. by far this is the longest streak in world cup history – second longest streak is brazil with 5.

on a side note to the england game:
what is the difference between the england team and a teabag? the teabag stays in the cup longer.

world cup technology. [infographic]

14 Jun

the technology of the world cup really is remarkable.

“You’ll Never Walk Alone” German Lyrics.

3 Feb

You'll Never Walk Alone - German | Mainz 05

After sharing the Mainz 05 pre-game ritual with some friends in the UK (Plymouth Argyle fans incase you were wondering) of standing up, stretching your Mainz 05 scarf above your head and singing “You’ll never walk alone” with the other 20,300 fans (minus opposition supporters) I was encouraged to translate the song into German. (See a video of Mainz 05 fans singing it here). After unsuccessfully searching Google for the German Lyrics of “You’ll never walk alone” I decided to translate them myself. I know that this amounts to blasphemy as “You’ll never walk alone” is holy in soccer (football) circles. So, don’t worry I’m not encouraging anyone to sing the song in German. The results of my attempt to translate this holy song can be seen below.


Wenn du durch einen Sturm geht
Halt dein Kinn hoch
Und habe keine Angst vor der Dunkelheit.
Am Ende des Sturms Ist ein goldener Himmel
Und das süße silberne Lied einer Lerche.

Lauf weiter durch den Wind,
Lauf weiter durch den Regen,
Obwohl deine Träume verworfen werden.
Lauf weiter, Lauf weiter mit Hoffnung in deinemHerzen
Und du gehst nie alleine, Du wirst niemals alleine gehen.

Lauf weiter, Lauf weiter mit Hoffnung in deinem Herzen
Und du gehst nie alleine, Du wirst niemals alleine gehen.

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