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tombstones to fit your personality.

3 Sep

which one are you?


advertising career evolution for creatives.

24 Aug

amazing sega / sonic the hedgehog office prank. [inspiration]

13 Aug

happy friday everyone.

STRONG web design – the official webpage of north korea.

3 Aug

code of the official webpage of north korea


quick explanation for non-web people: the html-code <strong> does not mean that something is “strong” or “powerful”, but rather simply just bold. the developer of the official north-korean website must have not been aware of this and just to be safe put in a few dozen extra <strong> for good measure.

as we all know north korea is a strange place. and on top of it, north korea is pretty full of itself and their website coding is no different: it’s really, really strong. see for yourself on the official webpage of the democratic people’s republic of korea (and yes, it’s a .com).

please read this. your friendly reminder to quit complaining.

10 Jun

enough said.

the essence of the internet.

16 Mar

funny pictures of cats with captions

LOLcats. enough said.

FAIL Blog’s Top Ten FAIL Lists for 2009 [video]

11 Dec

I couldn’t resist posting this video. Enjoy!

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Adidas Originals Star Wars Collection Preview (via KicksOnFire.com)

23 Nov

Adidas Originals Star Wars Collection Preview


Star Wars fans will get a chance to add another piece of memorabilia to their collection in 2010. adidas honors the timeless intergalactic tale with a few of its classic models in what looks to be a very promising collaborative. The shoes take inspiration from scenes and characters for a literal interpretation and while we only have these sneak peak images you can only imagine how soon the hi res detailed photos will be online. Who’s excited? Or were you all trekkies? Via Hypebeast

Wow, first Marc Ecko brings Star Wars into pop culture and now Adidas? Looks like I’ll need to save up for a new wardrobe.

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Kanye West your website with Kanyelicio.us

17 Nov

Kanye West kanyelicious MTV VMA 2009

I know that the the tool to add Kanye West to any site has been out for a while. But, it’s so awesome that I wanted to make sure that everyone out there knows about. Plus, I recently rediscovered it in my bookmarks 🙂

Remember when Kanye West toally punk’d Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV VMA awards? Here’s a refresher:

So, why am bringing up Kanye West again after the incident that happened earlier this year? Well, if you haven’t discovered “kanyelicious” yet you are really missing out! This simple website features an app that is rumored to have been developed by none other than the Barbarian Group.

How do you go about turning every site known to man into a kanyelicious site? It’s as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Go to kanyelicious http://kanyelicious.appspot.com/
  2. Enter your URL into the field
  3. Hit “DO IT!”
That’s it! Just follow those simple three steps and you can have Kanye West interrupting any site that you want him to. There is even an option to have a bookmark that “automatically” adds Kanye to any site you are currently browsing.

P.S. To see my personal favorite Kanye West joke from Ima let you finish check out my earlier blogpost here.

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Japan Welcomes Windows 7 with Seven Layer Whopper Burger (via @Gizmodo)

22 Oct

The Japanese are truly the kings of cross-promotion…

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