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millenials more open to advertising.

7 Sep

can advertisers ever catch up to the digital natives?


18- to 34-year-olds are more open to advertising than the general adult population.

“millennials enjoy all forms of digital media, even digital advertising,” said said lisa e. phillips, eMarketer senior analyst . “online videos, social network profiles and tweets can help marketers build word-of-mouth among millennials and reach the key influencers. at the same time, they are not adverse to more direct marketing methods, such as emails, search ads, banners and webpage links.”

the digital natives of today grew up with advertising in all forms and media around them, so it is interesting to see their attitudes and actions now that they are able to make their own brand choices and purchase decisions. while they could be very cynical, millennials are actually more open to interactive or opt-in marketing messages than are boomers and gen xers. they just think that those messages have little or no influence on them.

source: emarketer.com


advertising career evolution for creatives.

24 Aug

vintage ads for social media.

5 Aug

facebook, youtube, and skype go retro. 

a big thanks to moma, sao paulo for making these awesome vintage / retro ads for social media stalwarts facebook, youtube, and skype.

coca-cola “happiness machine”.

15 Jan

first “Viral” Ad of 2010? 

update: I’ve found out that this “viral video” is actually used as a television commercial in the u.k. another reason that the u.k. is far ahead of the u.s. when it comes to advertising. just look where the discipline of advertising account planning came from.

worst online display ad ever?

10 Jan

while searching flickr for some cool images i couldn’t help but notice the following ad on the right hand side. seriously, what were they thinking?


Seinfeld back with the Mac – Sorry Microsoft

29 Oct

I guess Bill Gates didn’t make too much of an impression on him during their short-lived advertising campaign.

Social Media Marketing isn’t just a fad

25 Sep

Another day, another emarketer graph. The question is: What does this graph tell us?

1. Social media success is many-sided and complicated (nothing new there)
2. People want to hear the nitty-gritty tactics and not waste time with other things
3. Most importantly: Social Media is being accepted as an important part of the marketing mix and not just a fad

Will metrics become part of the content-creation process thanks to Adobe-Omnitre deal?

17 Sep

So, Adobe bought Omniture yesterday. I know a lot has been said about the financial and business impact of this, but what does this really mean for marketing and advertising? 

In the one corner you have Adobe the number one tool that aids in the creation of just anything using a computer, which according to Wikipedia has “historically focused upon the creation of multimedia and creativity software products.” In other words, every creative on this blue planet has, will, or does use an Adobe product to some extent – most likely more than less.

In the other corner you have Omniture the golden standard of online marketing web analytics software, which has historically grown from purchases of smaller but very relevant companies. In other words, if you want to be taken seriously as a website, you use Omniture just like a newspaper uses ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulations).

Combine these two opposite end of the spectrum entities – one creates the content, the other company measures it – and what do you get? A one stop solution, or as Adobe President-CEO Shantanu Narayen calls it: “end-to-end platform.” Some people are saying that now creatives will have to think about metrics from the beginning of the content-creation process. 

After the deal, Omniture CEO Josh James said that it will “allow creatives to integrate measurement into the front end of the ad-creation process” and that “marrying the two companies would improve content engagement, ad effectiveness and the overall user experience that’s driving the shift of ad dollars from offline to online.” This means that moving forward with this new deal in place, agencies will build Adobe Flash creative with Omniture tracking codes implanted from the beginning – this will enable them to track the views and consumer engagement of the creative across the web, and maybe even begin to micro-charge for every view, partial view or forward of their content versus just seeing measurements for impressions or clicks.

I believe that the ultimate outcome of this deal is that in the world of media analysis there will be more clarity and better metrics – definitely a move in the right direction!

What is up with Mobile Advertising?

16 Sep

I’ve been intrigued by the potential of Mobile Advertising since 1999. Back then grand articles were written on websites, in books, and magazines of how a grand revolution in advertising is upon us and that it will shake the very foundation that makes up marketing. Well, here we are 10 years later and not too much has changed. Do we receive coupons from Dunkin’ donuts as we walk by them on our phones? No. Do we get special offers from Target when we enter the store on our cell phones? No.

Then, where are we?

A story that I read today got me thinking. According to this story on AdvertisingAge.com from September 15th, the mobile apps which constitute the majority of the mobile marketing channel are “just an appetizer.” As the author puts is: “In grand historical terms, this whole mobile app thing is only now climbing out of the primordial ooze.” Well, Mr. Kevin Maney I hate to tell you but we’ve been in this state of climbing out of the ooze for at least a decade now. When will we finally move on to the next step?

I know some people will say that text message advertising is doing well, but I must point out that it is nowhere near its potential and I’m sure that it never will reach it as far as advertising goes.

While the iPhone, and in particular the app store, have moved us ahead by leaps and bounds in terms of branded communications and marketing on mobile devices, everything is still all over the place. Where would Video tapes be if both VHS and BETA survived until now? Or for that matter next gen DVD if the battle between BluRay and HD-DVD was still going on?

While competition does drive innovation, standardization can create a more focused effort with ultimately greater results. As much as people here in America lament the “big brother” approach of European or Asian economies, being light-years ahead in terms of cell phones, cell phone service, and technology in general does paint a picture.

Now back to the point by the AdAge article that we are clawing our way out of the “primordial ooze” in terms of mobile apps. Are these mobile apps he future of marketing communications to consumers on cell phones?  Apple showed a picture at its most recent iPod event that showed the superiority of its iPod touch – essentially a mobile phone without cell service – over current tablets or net books on the market.

So, does the future of mobile, mobile apps, and ergo mobile advertising in essence lie with smaller computer that happen to be phones as well (e.g. the iPhone)? That is something that only time will tell, because as Master Yoda says “The future, always in motion it is.” But, if I had to put my money on it right now, I’d say that smart phones will become more and more like small computers. And the billion dollar question will be to find out how to spam people with ads on there, just like advertisers have on any other channel known to man, is the future.

One final thought: Is the reason that mobile advertising is not catching on that a moblie phone is seen as the last “sacred” advertising-free sanctity by people?

Tampa Bay Lightning marketing campaign to hit the streets of Tampa

9 Sep

Yellow Cab in Tampa will be sporting these new Lightning ads. Innovative? sort of. New? sort of. New and innovative to Tampa? Most definitely!

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