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AT&T MMS launch: How was it for iPhone users?

28 Sep

So, what’s the fallout of the AT& MMS update from last Friday? It seems that according to initial feedback nothing too exciting happened. There were just a few isolated reports of failures to get the update, failures to get the MMS functions after an update, and late delivery of MMS messages.
According to a non-scientific poll conducted by TUAW.com it seems that 46% of respondents had no issues at all and an additional 15% had initial issues that went away.

Is this a WIN for AT&T? In my opinion no because getting this right was expected after such a long delay. The iPhone is finally capable of performing rudimentary functions that any 13 year old’s cell phone that they sneak into school on a daily basis.

How did the AT&T MMS release go for you?

It worked well. No problems 5739 (45.9%)
It seemed slow at first, but got better 1827 (14.6%)
MMS is missing some features I wanted 237 (1.9%)
MMS isn’t of any interest to me. I use email for sending pix 1912 (15.3%)
Doesn’t run on my older iPhone. I’m not happy 708 (5.7%)
Slow delivery yesterday. Much better today 795 (6.4%)
Not happy at all 1297 (10.4%

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