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Adidas Originals Star Wars Collection Preview (via KicksOnFire.com)

23 Nov

Adidas Originals Star Wars Collection Preview


Star Wars fans will get a chance to add another piece of memorabilia to their collection in 2010. adidas honors the timeless intergalactic tale with a few of its classic models in what looks to be a very promising collaborative. The shoes take inspiration from scenes and characters for a literal interpretation and while we only have these sneak peak images you can only imagine how soon the hi res detailed photos will be online. Who’s excited? Or were you all trekkies? Via Hypebeast

Wow, first Marc Ecko brings Star Wars into pop culture and now Adidas? Looks like I’ll need to save up for a new wardrobe.

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Insane Rocket Takeoff Photo Destroys Camera Lens

2 Oct
By Adam Frucci, 5:40 PM on Thu Oct 1 2009, 56,612 views (Edit, to draft, Slurp)

Photographer Ben Cooper took this photo of a Delta 4-Heavy rocket launching at Cape Canaveral using a sound-activated camera. And when your camera is that close to a launch, your lens probably won’t survive.

The particular setup for this was sound activated. The lens was destroyed (worth it of course) but the camera survived this one despite being severed from its ratchet straps and thrown to the ground, and the sound device used for this one disconnected from the camera and thrown about 200 feet backwards into the pad perimeter fence (still worked!). All settings are preset manually. No one is allowed closer than several miles from a launch.

Well, that’s awesome. [Airliners.net, Thanks, Jason!]

Well, what do you expect? However, the photo that the camera took before being destroyed is unbelievable!

Best remake yet? | Star Wars: Uncut Trailer

1 Oct

Wow! I remember when this project started up. It’s great to see it all come together.

For those of you who don’t know: The First Star Wars movie was divided into individual scenes and then fans from all over the world started recreating that one scene. Now all the scenes are being put back together to create the ultimate Star Wars fan-made tribute.

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