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all of chewbacca’s dialogue from star wars in one place.

25 Aug



star wars christmas special: harrison ford’s finest acting moment. [video]

20 Aug

you haven’t seen the star wars christmas special??? probably because george lucas himself is so embarrassed by it that he had all traces of it destroyed.  well, this clip from youtube pretty much sums up how awesomely bad it is. enjoy! 

1980 empire strikes back interview with harrison ford & mark hamill. [video]

19 Aug

some awesome vintage tv of harrison ford & mark hamill on the today show talking the empire strikes back with jane pauley in 1980. nice piece of star wars history thanks to youtube.

star wars subway car stunt by improv anywhere. [video]

14 Jul

wish they would do this kind of stuff on my morning commute…

General Motti / Darth Vader Star Wars Facebook Status Update

29 Nov

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Han Solo Star Wars Facebook Status Update

29 Nov

Facebook, what would the world be like without you? Good question. Now at least we know what Facebook would be like with Han Solo on it.

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Adidas Originals Star Wars Collection Preview (via

23 Nov

Adidas Originals Star Wars Collection Preview


Star Wars fans will get a chance to add another piece of memorabilia to their collection in 2010. adidas honors the timeless intergalactic tale with a few of its classic models in what looks to be a very promising collaborative. The shoes take inspiration from scenes and characters for a literal interpretation and while we only have these sneak peak images you can only imagine how soon the hi res detailed photos will be online. Who’s excited? Or were you all trekkies? Via Hypebeast

Wow, first Marc Ecko brings Star Wars into pop culture and now Adidas? Looks like I’ll need to save up for a new wardrobe.

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Best remake yet? | Star Wars: Uncut Trailer

1 Oct

Wow! I remember when this project started up. It’s great to see it all come together.

For those of you who don’t know: The First Star Wars movie was divided into individual scenes and then fans from all over the world started recreating that one scene. Now all the scenes are being put back together to create the ultimate Star Wars fan-made tribute.

Best Boba Fett costume to date. period.

9 Sep

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