millenials more open to advertising.

7 Sep

can advertisers ever catch up to the digital natives?


18- to 34-year-olds are more open to advertising than the general adult population.

“millennials enjoy all forms of digital media, even digital advertising,” said said lisa e. phillips, eMarketer senior analyst . “online videos, social network profiles and tweets can help marketers build word-of-mouth among millennials and reach the key influencers. at the same time, they are not adverse to more direct marketing methods, such as emails, search ads, banners and webpage links.”

the digital natives of today grew up with advertising in all forms and media around them, so it is interesting to see their attitudes and actions now that they are able to make their own brand choices and purchase decisions. while they could be very cynical, millennials are actually more open to interactive or opt-in marketing messages than are boomers and gen xers. they just think that those messages have little or no influence on them.



One Response to “millenials more open to advertising.”

  1. oggy September 7, 2010 at 3:27 pm #

    How many subjects were involved in this study? The differences are not that great at all; in fact, depending on the amount of participants in the study, this graph doesn’t look to have any statistical significance. “…a typical Pew Research Center for the People & the Press national survey of 1500 completed interviews is plus or minus 3 percentage points with a 95% confidence interval. This means that in 95 out of every 100 samples of the same size and type, the results we obtain would vary by no more than plus or minus 3 percentage points from the result we would get if we could interview every member of the population.”The questions are all subjective. For example, no one likes to believe they “make decisions based on ads”… but we do, mostly without even realizing it. Especially on the web; think of most viral marketing campaigns on Youtube and Twitter.This study reeks of confirmation bias: Young people are like we expected and old people too! There are so many holes in the methodology described: C’mon, landline and cell phone surveys? In this day and age?It’s scary to think that the mainstream media reports this as actual “sociological science”, when in fact it’s nothing but meaningless data.

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