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millenials more open to advertising.

7 Sep

can advertisers ever catch up to the digital natives?


18- to 34-year-olds are more open to advertising than the general adult population.

“millennials enjoy all forms of digital media, even digital advertising,” said said lisa e. phillips, eMarketer senior analyst . “online videos, social network profiles and tweets can help marketers build word-of-mouth among millennials and reach the key influencers. at the same time, they are not adverse to more direct marketing methods, such as emails, search ads, banners and webpage links.”

the digital natives of today grew up with advertising in all forms and media around them, so it is interesting to see their attitudes and actions now that they are able to make their own brand choices and purchase decisions. while they could be very cynical, millennials are actually more open to interactive or opt-in marketing messages than are boomers and gen xers. they just think that those messages have little or no influence on them.

source: emarketer.com


the top five brands on facebook.

26 Aug

The Top Five Brands on Facebook

Users ‘Like’ Brands to Get Access to Deals

by Matt Carmichael


@ 12:53 PM

What are Facebook fans looking for when they “like” a brand page? According to new research from ExactTarget and CoTweet, it’s pretty simple: coupons and free stuff.

40% of those surveyed said that was a motivator for “liking” a company, 36% said they wanted to get freebies and 30% wanted updates on upcoming sales. 39% also want to show their support for a brand, but here’s a key stat: Only 17% are more likely to buy something after “liking” the brand, so it sure sounds like it’s a good tool to reach your existing customers but isn’t doing much — yet at least — to grow a customer base.

Interestingly the survey participants who join Facebook looking for shopping tips are most likely to be able to name brands who are marketing well whereas those who are more interested in social networking have a hard time even naming good examples.

The five best brands at engaging users on Facebook, according to the survey, are:

  1. Oreo (Nabisco)
  2. Walmart
  3. Victoria’s Secret
  4. iTunes
  5. Dove

Also, for marketers who want to get in front of Facebook fans, try the off hours. According to the research, “In total, 65% of Facebook users say they login only before or after work/school and 69% use Facebook on the weekends or days off.”

You can see the full report about Facebook, brands and followers here.

Angry Birds sells 6.5M copies without advertising once.

17 Aug

Rovio sells 6.5M copies of Angry Birds without advertising once

I got to meet the creators of Angry Birds back at E3 earlier this year, but because of our busy schedules, didn’t get too much of a chance to really talk with them in-depth about their experience on the App Store so far. Fortunately, GamesBeat has done just that, providing a nice profile of Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka and Mikael Hed, the two Finnish creators of one of the App Store’s most popular titles. They’re actually mobile app veterans — while Angry Birds is their biggest hit as a company, they’ve also developed for lots of other groups, including Real Networks and Electronic Arts.

The game was created to be casual, open to anyone to play, and use some really memorable characters that would resonate with anyone who picked it up. They accomplished those goals — the game has found a surprising following around the world, and almost everyone who owns an iPhone recognizes the birds and pigs characters. A US$4.99 iPad version has also taken off, and Rovio plans to bring the app to lots of other mobile devices as well. The growth has been entirely organic, too — they haven’t spent a single cent on advertising the game, instead relying completely on word-of-mouth and Apple’s own promotional tools.

And while their success is already quite widespread, the two say their goals are even bigger than what they’ve accomplished so far: they hope to eventually see 100 million paid downloads. Definitely possible — it’s interesting to see how iPhone-created brands are growing so quickly.

vintage ads for social media.

5 Aug

facebook, youtube, and skype go retro. 

a big thanks to moma, sao paulo for making these awesome vintage / retro ads for social media stalwarts facebook, youtube, and skype.

updated: microsoft street slide view better than google street view? [video]

2 Aug

back in a february post i said that i’d be switching to bing maps over google maps soon (back then for the flickr integration). well, this newly released video from microsoft research has reaffirmed that notion as street slide looks phenomenal – especially to a map geek like myself. 

update: i fixed the youtube video above and it should work again.

how google works. [infographic]

2 Jul

this pretty much sums up how google works. thanks to ppcblog for putting such a great google infographic together!

mapquest has a new look & functionality.

30 Jun

mapquest introduces new look and feel.

mapquest is the granddaddy of all mapping and direction tools on the web. up until a few years ago was the goto site for directions before google maps came along with a slicker interface and improvements such as street view and instant directions to and from anywhere. as of yesterday mapquest is showing that they haven’t given up to google maps and are fighting back with the launch of a new interface, a new identity and a web site that has been completely redesigned.

new logo.

ever since being acquired by AOL in 2000 mapquest has used it’s well-known quirky logo that features a drop shadow and cartoony dashes at each end.


then in a very un-web 2.0 move, the logo was slightly updated and changed to a simpler version without without any effects:


now, the new brand identity launched yesterday and features some huge changes. the most obvious is of course the change to the logo, namely the color and typeface. the comic style font has made way for modern looking lower-case sans-serif font with “mapquest” in purple and a stylize letter m and q in bright green.


updates to website.

the second component of the overhaul in addition to the new branding is that new site design and functionality have been implemented. it looks like they got a lot of things right and user-friendliness was an important factor. the new features include:

  • a single line search box and a redesigned main page that displays the map more prominently.
  • a very web 3.0 ability to search for “temporal types of content,” such as fireworks for July 4 or a haunted houses on halloween.
  • my maps lets you personalize, save, and share maps, directions and collections of your favorite places.

future plans include allowing users to upload photos to build a community social-networking feel.


you can see the new changes today at new.mapquest.com, which is still in beta but should be fully rolled out by august.

will it be enough?

personally, i like the new logo redesign and the more intuitive web 3.0 user-interface. but, will this really be enough to stop the groth of google maps? i’m not so sure as the words from “lazy sunday” still seem to ring true: “…let’s hit up yahoo maps to find the dopest route. i prefer map quest. that’s a good one, too. google maps is the best. true that. DOUBLE TRUE.


how bp should be handling social media.

29 Jun

a social media playbook for bp.


Image: Greenpeace Flickr by Russell Apotheker

the first 24 hours.

openness and transparency: bp should have immediately made hd video and images of the disaster available and also shared how they were calculating their oil flow estimates – they failed to do either. thanks to the web and social media we live in a fully transparent world where it is always better to point the finger at yourself first rather than waiting a few days and then having someone else point the finger at you – just look at bill clinton, tiger woods, enron, lehman brothers, etc. this may be counter intuitive to how people have done business in the past before the 24h news cycle and the internet. however, with social media there is no way of keeping things a secret or “under the table.”

what should bp be doing right now?

by all means necessary: humanize bp. they need to have flip cameras with all their employees and teams down on the gulf coast showing what they are doing to help the region. your employees are your greatest asset. try to humanize british petroleum through your employees rather than having the public simply seeing the “bp” initials as a hated logo of evil. not everyone that works for bp is evil – they are human. they need to highlight real people accessing claims via videos, to give the public a sense of the process taking place. also, they need to engage in the scariest part of social media: ask for feedback, then listen and react accordingly. use social media to keep the public informed on what you are doing, what you hope to achieve, and what your plans are. otherwise, people will not take you serious and simply make fun of the names that you give your plans. just look at: “top kill” – who even knows what that means?

how well is bp currently doing?

the one good thing bp did was to not overreact. they did not go after parody accounts like BPGlobalPR on Twitter that posted tweets in the vein of “50% off blackened shrimp today” and “hey, if you see any oil in the gulf it’s ours, please return it.” going hard after parody accounts right away would have been adding fuel to the fire. people, especially people with voices online would have been upset with bp and pointed out that they are not focusing on the important task of capping the oil well. another positive thing is that they have posted many resources on their website (www.bp.com) and you can also look at specific regions (e.g. alabama, florida) – this is a great start, but needs to be expanded on quickly.  overall, they failed to listen just how big politically and in the public mind this was becoming and then adjust their pr and spokesman accordingly. finally, it is not very easy to find their social presence (facebook, youtube, etc.) on www.bp.com.

at the moment social media is a voice that is too big to ignore. if you lead an organization, through social media, you can frame a conversation and be the one that helps determine the perceptions and impression of your organization. social media is a powerful tool, use it!

what has happened.

what did bp’s ignoring of social media do? it created fertile breeding ground for parodies of their responses such as the one below that make them look incompetent.



internet usage hits record level for world cup.

14 Jun


there’s a fever running through the internet – world cup fever. fever pitch was hit on friday when things kicked off.

last friday’s web traffic has been classified as “heavy” for most of the day, according to measurements by akamai. at the peak, traffic for news sites globally started a steady climbed reaching nearly 12.1 million visitors per minute.

the traffic suggests that the internet was most active during the opening game of mexico-south africa and stayed heavy through the second game of france-uruguay. it’s also very likely that with last friday being a workday more people turned to their office computers to follow the action instead of their tvs.

the most interesting fact is that the world cup opening day’s traffic far exceeded the previous record of 8.5 million visitors per minute, which was set when barack obama won the u.s. presidential election.


adidas originals commercial – star wars cantina 2010. [inspiration]

8 Jun

adidas star wars video.

just in time for the world cup this star wars video from adidas originals is better than the whole new trilogy combined. seriously!

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