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twitter users numbers hit 145 million & mobile use increases 62%.

8 Sep

twitter & mobile.

twitter released figures saying that mobile usage has increased 62% since the middle of April as a bunch of new official apps for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android came out.  twitter added that 16% of all new users to twitter start out on mobile as opposed to the web – as opposed to the 5% before it launched its first twitter-branded mobile client.

the rise of mobile users and new users has pushed twitter’s overall numbers to around the 145 million mark.



vintage ads for social media.

5 Aug

facebook, youtube, and skype go retro. 

a big thanks to moma, sao paulo for making these awesome vintage / retro ads for social media stalwarts facebook, youtube, and skype.

how to use twitter for marketing.

6 May

From us to you—here’s a compilation of posts that outline how to use Twitter as a powerful marketing tool. It contains over twenty handy (and diverse) resources to help you promote, grow, and manage your brand in 140 characters or less. We hope you find it useful.

Photo credit: Fotolia

had to share this great resource list on twitter and interactive marketing.

looks like twitter has peaked?

21 Mar


has twitter peaked


Check out these interesting infographics based on Barracuda Networks recent study of Twitter. This study analyzed Twitter accounts with at least ten followers, who followed at least ten people, and has tweeted at least ten times. This pared down the users by 79%.

Full story and graphics at Next Generation Online.

More Twitter tips and tricks.


twitter announces @anywhere to give third-party access.

16 Mar

twitter @anywhere

twitter to launch @anywhere, a tool that will allow third parties to tap into its functionality and content.

twitter plans to roll out a set of API frameworks enabling third-party sites to allow their users to log-in using their twitter accounts, pull information and content from twitter and add functionality that lets people tweet or share from other sites directly onto twitter. The functionality, that will be similar to Facebook Connect, isn’t yet ready for a full launch but participating sites will include a slew of big players including: Amazon, AdAge, Bing, Digg, Ebay, The New York Times, Yahoo, and YouTube.

Biz Stone, twitter co-founder, said, “Soon sites many of us visit every day will be able to recreate these open, engaging interactions providing a new layer of value for visitors without sending them to Twitter.com.” Twitter was expected to unveil plans around its advertising model, but instead announced the @Anywhere tool at the South By South West festival in the U.S. yesterday. Last week it launched location-based functionality, which allows users to show the town or city they are tweeting from.

twitter is finally starting to unveil something that resembles a plan – something that has been missing for too long. Just look at all the improvements and changes Facebook has made in order to stay ahead of the pack.

Twitter Users in 2010: 15.5% of Adult Internet Users

9 Dec

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Image of Twitter’s new “Fail whale”

7 Dec
Twitter is currently down for scheduled maintenance.

We expect to be back within 30 minutes. Thanks for your patience.

I just got this message today on Twitter instead of the usual twitter “Fail Whale” – this really makes me miss the Twitter Fail Whale 😦

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Social Networking Chronological Graph with Number of Members

7 Dec

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B2B vs. B2C Marketing: Differences in Social Media Initiatives

4 Dec

Very telling statistics realeased by eMarketer this morning for B2B & B2C Socail Media usage:

Leading Social Media Initiatives Among B2B and B2C Companies in North America, September 2009 (% of respondents)

Not only are B2B firms more likely overall to maintain a social network profile, they are managing profiles across more social networks and are significantly more likely to be present on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. On the other side, B2C companies are more likely to maintain Facebook and MySpace profiles.

Social Networking Sites on Which B2B and B2C Companies in North America Manage Profiles, September 2009 (% of respondents)

B2B social media users are more active in measuring most social success metrics. Although B2C companies are more likely than B2B firms to use revenues to measure their efforts, more B2Bs are looking at Web traffic, brand awareness, and prospect lead quality and volume. Web traffic was the top metric for both types of company.

Ver interesting is that 60% of B2B respondents used the online marketing best practice of Twitter search to monitor mentions of their company or brand, but only 35% of B2C companies dis this.

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Facebook Uncool for 18-24s? All of this has happened before

16 Nov

To steal a line from Battlestar Galactica: All of this has happened before and all of it will happen again:

A group, in this case college age kids, discover an online sanctuary just to find out that everyone they have ever been in contact with including their parents are on it. First it was MySpace and everyone moved to Facebook, a safe haven for college age kids that required a .edu email address to join. This meant no parents, no relatives, no spam, no junk.

Then Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook decides that he needs to monetize Facebook and rake in the ca$h. He opens it up to everyone and there was only a tiny initial wave of users that committed Facebook-icide including myself (I only came back 2 years later because as a marketer I couldn’t miss out on this phenomenon). Then around this time last year, so November 2008, I started hearing stories that people’s parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles were now on Facebook and seeking them out – as if it wasn’t already awkward enough dodging Aunt Beth at the annual Thanksgiving dinner, but now people had to do it online? That’s where where many people are drawing the line.

Now Adweek throws out an article today about how Facebook is “getting” uncool for 18-24s (a.k.a. the college crowd) – to the surprise of many, but not people that have been following the pulse of this development.

Back to Battlestar Galactica: All of this has happened before and all of it will happen again.

So, now the (1 Billion Dollar) question is: What is next great thing that the kids are going to migrate to?
Twitter? I see twitter more as a compliment to Facebook and not a direct competitor. Sure there are people that only use twitter or Facebook, but they are such different beasts that they don’t directly compete.
Leapfish? I doubt that they can fill the shoes of Facebook as Leapfish is an aggregator, but not a source like Facebook or Twitter.

The only thing that is for sure is that “All of this has happened before and all of it will happen again.”

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