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Angry Birds sells 6.5M copies without advertising once.

17 Aug

Rovio sells 6.5M copies of Angry Birds without advertising once

I got to meet the creators of Angry Birds back at E3 earlier this year, but because of our busy schedules, didn’t get too much of a chance to really talk with them in-depth about their experience on the App Store so far. Fortunately, GamesBeat has done just that, providing a nice profile of Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka and Mikael Hed, the two Finnish creators of one of the App Store’s most popular titles. They’re actually mobile app veterans — while Angry Birds is their biggest hit as a company, they’ve also developed for lots of other groups, including Real Networks and Electronic Arts.

The game was created to be casual, open to anyone to play, and use some really memorable characters that would resonate with anyone who picked it up. They accomplished those goals — the game has found a surprising following around the world, and almost everyone who owns an iPhone recognizes the birds and pigs characters. A US$4.99 iPad version has also taken off, and Rovio plans to bring the app to lots of other mobile devices as well. The growth has been entirely organic, too — they haven’t spent a single cent on advertising the game, instead relying completely on word-of-mouth and Apple’s own promotional tools.

And while their success is already quite widespread, the two say their goals are even bigger than what they’ve accomplished so far: they hope to eventually see 100 million paid downloads. Definitely possible — it’s interesting to see how iPhone-created brands are growing so quickly.


top 10 iPad apps.

16 Apr

the iPad has been out for 2 weeks so here’s my top 10 iPad apps list of the best and hottest apps so far. they all take advantage of the iPad and its unique features. keep in mind that new apps are coming out every day, but i thought i’d share my personal iPad top 10 must have iPad apps.

  • ABC Player – watch full Television episodes from ABC on your iPad with this visually very appealing app.
  • Adobe Ideas – sketch out ideas in this very cool and enterprisingly functional free app from Adobe on your iPad.
  • iBooks – turns your iPad into an ereader. still not clear why it’s not a built in app. a must have.
  • IMDb – brings the powerful international movie database to your iPad in visually appealing way unique to the iPad. 
  • Keynote – create great presentation and deliver them from your iPad. you can even use itunes to sync presentations from your home computer.
  • MLB.com – offers a visually stunning way to watch any baseball game using your MLB.tv account on your iPad. 
  • Netflix – the must have app if have netflix. stream movies onto the iPads amazing display no matter where you are. you can also edit your queue. 
  • USA Today – a virtual copy of the USA today. visually very appealing and shows what newspapers on tablet devices can look like.
  • Weatherbug Elite  – a great replacement for the weather app missing on the iPad. offers much more than the apple weather app on the iPhone.
  • Wikipanion – combines the power of wikipedia with the amazing display of the iPad.


2010 a Year of Apps and Downs for the iPhone

5 Jan
Photo: Reuters

In just about a year the number of iPhone Apps rose from 10,000 to 100,000 which is 10 times as many as the second place App Store for Android.

In the past the capabilities of a phone would be known by a quick look at the feature list. Today, however, there are Apps, these more or less useful application with which you can make from an iPhone – or a Google Phone – a navigation system, just as fast as a game console or even a fitness coach. Within a year the number of iPhone Apps increased from 10,000 to over 100,000, and also for the Google smartphone, Android,  there are now 16,000 applications.

Therefore, the really question are why are there not already Apps for “Sesame Street” or PBS? Apps for “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” or “The New York Times” have existed for some time for the Internet-to-go.

Yet, the really “Who want to be a Millionaire?” question has been answered a long time ago: Making all the cash and becoming rich with this model of unlimited functionality and freedom that comes with each new application is only one entity and that is Apple. About 30 percent of the proceeds of the fee-based Apps go to the company of Steve Jobs. On the other hand, network operators earn – in the USA, therefore, AT&T, because of the data transmission costs.

Nevertheless: Looking beyond the US cell phone market of flat rate everything including data transmission there is a system in which you are regularly informed about the costs and how much you are spending on data transmission. In these countries, the most important App for cost savings is: the Wifi mode – as the cell companies cannot charge you for data transmission via Wifi.

What is up with Mobile Advertising?

16 Sep

I’ve been intrigued by the potential of Mobile Advertising since 1999. Back then grand articles were written on websites, in books, and magazines of how a grand revolution in advertising is upon us and that it will shake the very foundation that makes up marketing. Well, here we are 10 years later and not too much has changed. Do we receive coupons from Dunkin’ donuts as we walk by them on our phones? No. Do we get special offers from Target when we enter the store on our cell phones? No.

Then, where are we?

A story that I read today got me thinking. According to this story on AdvertisingAge.com from September 15th, the mobile apps which constitute the majority of the mobile marketing channel are “just an appetizer.” As the author puts is: “In grand historical terms, this whole mobile app thing is only now climbing out of the primordial ooze.” Well, Mr. Kevin Maney I hate to tell you but we’ve been in this state of climbing out of the ooze for at least a decade now. When will we finally move on to the next step?

I know some people will say that text message advertising is doing well, but I must point out that it is nowhere near its potential and I’m sure that it never will reach it as far as advertising goes.

While the iPhone, and in particular the app store, have moved us ahead by leaps and bounds in terms of branded communications and marketing on mobile devices, everything is still all over the place. Where would Video tapes be if both VHS and BETA survived until now? Or for that matter next gen DVD if the battle between BluRay and HD-DVD was still going on?

While competition does drive innovation, standardization can create a more focused effort with ultimately greater results. As much as people here in America lament the “big brother” approach of European or Asian economies, being light-years ahead in terms of cell phones, cell phone service, and technology in general does paint a picture.

Now back to the point by the AdAge article that we are clawing our way out of the “primordial ooze” in terms of mobile apps. Are these mobile apps he future of marketing communications to consumers on cell phones?  Apple showed a picture at its most recent iPod event that showed the superiority of its iPod touch – essentially a mobile phone without cell service – over current tablets or net books on the market.

So, does the future of mobile, mobile apps, and ergo mobile advertising in essence lie with smaller computer that happen to be phones as well (e.g. the iPhone)? That is something that only time will tell, because as Master Yoda says “The future, always in motion it is.” But, if I had to put my money on it right now, I’d say that smart phones will become more and more like small computers. And the billion dollar question will be to find out how to spam people with ads on there, just like advertisers have on any other channel known to man, is the future.

One final thought: Is the reason that mobile advertising is not catching on that a moblie phone is seen as the last “sacred” advertising-free sanctity by people?

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