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tombstones to fit your personality.

3 Sep

which one are you?


facebook’s new simplified privacy settings. [funny]

26 May


star wars saga in 2 minutes with lego. [video]

6 May

the title of the video says it all: “the fastest and funniest lego star wars story ever told.”

create your own email from steve jobs.

2 May

the joy of tech comics are always right on point and always funny. this is the first time i’ve seen as an interactive comic from them (a trend i hope they continue). the steve jobs email reply generator let’s you create your own email to steve jobs and then choose one of his classic one line responses (image two above). 

thanks to joy of tech you’ll never have to wonder how steve jobs would reply to your email again! check it out for yourself and have fun playing around with it.

facebook does not like privacy.

23 Apr

the iPad: america’s great divide.

17 Apr

continuing my iPad blog posts of late with this “the joy of tech” comic. the apple ipad is truly dividing people as of late 🙂

stormtrooper marksmanship.

15 Apr


stormtroopers in star wars could definetly use this advice.

unexpected apple iPad fashions.

14 Apr


topeka: april fools from google.

1 Apr

for april fools day 2010, google has decided to choose “a different kind of company name” and rename itself topeka. as in topeka, kansas. not bad as far as april fools jokes go. don’t forget to read the humorous google blog post about this topeka name change. personally, i’m rather fond of the new topeka google logo.

there’s even already an entry in the history section of topeka’s wikipedia entry.

star wars: galactic empire state of mind. [inspiration]

31 Mar

instant classic. especially for star wars fans. not only is it a pretty good song by itself – a remake of jay-z & alicia keys “empire state of mind” but there’s so much more:

> each original star wars trilogy movie gets a verse
> leia plays max rebo’s piano from jabba the hutt’s palace
> leia’s obvious, but still funny dj headphones
> ewoks which are more disturbing that actual ewoks in return of the jedi
> rebel pilots & stormtroopers bust-a-move
> slave leia from  jabba the hutt’s palace 
> boba fett

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