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google “browser size” – how much of your website do visitors really see?

17 Dec

I just had to share this great new tool by Google – “Browser Size“. It lets you figure out how much of your website people actually see without having to scroll. In the future, this can help determine where to place buttons, call to actions, importnat content, etc.

According to Mashable “Browser Size is very simple: It overlays a transparent image on top of any website, displaying what percentage of users (on average) will see your content without scrolling. Because people use various browser settings, monitor sizes and screen resolutions.”


BROWSER WARS: Google Chrome Beats Apple Safari

16 Dec

All it took was the release of the Google Chrome beta for Linux and Mac and it happened: Chrome became is the number 3 browser in the world, narrowly sliding past Apple’s Safari with a 4.4 percent marketshare to Safari’s 4.37 percent. The Google-Apple war is getting real, people.

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