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the top five brands on facebook.

26 Aug

The Top Five Brands on Facebook

Users ‘Like’ Brands to Get Access to Deals

by Matt Carmichael


@ 12:53 PM

What are Facebook fans looking for when they “like” a brand page? According to new research from ExactTarget and CoTweet, it’s pretty simple: coupons and free stuff.

40% of those surveyed said that was a motivator for “liking” a company, 36% said they wanted to get freebies and 30% wanted updates on upcoming sales. 39% also want to show their support for a brand, but here’s a key stat: Only 17% are more likely to buy something after “liking” the brand, so it sure sounds like it’s a good tool to reach your existing customers but isn’t doing much — yet at least — to grow a customer base.

Interestingly the survey participants who join Facebook looking for shopping tips are most likely to be able to name brands who are marketing well whereas those who are more interested in social networking have a hard time even naming good examples.

The five best brands at engaging users on Facebook, according to the survey, are:

  1. Oreo (Nabisco)
  2. Walmart
  3. Victoria’s Secret
  4. iTunes
  5. Dove

Also, for marketers who want to get in front of Facebook fans, try the off hours. According to the research, “In total, 65% of Facebook users say they login only before or after work/school and 69% use Facebook on the weekends or days off.”

You can see the full report about Facebook, brands and followers here.


vintage ads for social media.

5 Aug

facebook, youtube, and skype go retro. 

a big thanks to moma, sao paulo for making these awesome vintage / retro ads for social media stalwarts facebook, youtube, and skype.

facebook’s new simplified privacy settings. [funny]

26 May


facebook does not like privacy.

23 Apr

facebook ads to use web history via “like” button on websites.

19 Apr

facebook like button.


photo via ft.com

beyond the anticipated announced that facebook will replace the “become a fan” button with an invitation to read “i like” a brand this week they plan on unveiling something much more interesting for marketers: the facebook like button.

this week facebook plan on unveiling a content-sharing button that websites can embed on their pages (similar to facebook connect). this “like” button will be similar to existing buttons from twitter and digg allowing users to share content via social networks.

this will be one of the announcements to come at F8, facebook’s annual conference slated to begin this wednesday in san francisco, ca.

why is this important for marketers?

well, according to sources familiar with the facebook like button, facebook will use data from these interactions to target users with related ads once they visit facebook.com. this is huge. being able to target facebook’s over 300 million users based on their web history would take facebook ad targeting to the next level. this would let them compete with google that already has a similar service offering called “remarketing.” it allows advertisers to target previous visitors to their sites when they visit any other site that features google ads.

currently, facebook targets users with ads based on what information they choose to fill out in their profile. this includes such things as: location, age, gender, favorite activities, favorite movies, favorite music, etc. based on my experience these ads work well and have a great ROAS, but still leave a lot left to wish for. facebook advertising is currently more like the wild west and resembles google adwords in the late 1990s.

“become a fan” becomes “like”.

as previously announced, facebook is also expected to roll out its “like” function to other parts of the site, including its so-called “engagement ads” – the advertising through which facebook makes most of its money.

these engagement ads ask users to “become a fan” of brands (e.g. starbucks or coca-cola). this means that facebook users agree to receive messages or special offers from the brand via their newsfeed.

only time will tell what the facebook like button truly bring to marketers.

sources: ft.com & mashable.com

how mobile is changing social media. [infographic]

2 Apr

interesting infographic on how mobile is shaping the way social media is consumed.

some highlights: 25% or more than 100 million of all facebook users access it from a mobile phone, and those who do, are twice as active on social networks compared to people accessing from a computer. also, 35-54 year olds are the most active mobile social users.

facebook facts, figures & statistics for 2010. [infographic]

25 Mar

another cool graph. great job by digitalbuzzblog.com stuffing as much 2010 facebook data including facebook facts, a facebook timeline, and facebook statistics into one infographic or visualization.

some of the facebook numbers and facts early in 2010 are really mind-blowing.

mobile social media access grows in triple-digits year over year.

15 Mar

Mobile social media access grows

A recently released study by comScore showed that more than 30 Percent of Smartphone Owners Access Social Networking Sites via a Mobile Browser. That’s a lot of people. But, the even bigger statistic is that access to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter has grown at an almost unbelievable rate: Facebook access via mobile browsers grew 112% in the past year, while Twitter saw a 347% increase. Very interesting is that comScore does not include mobile apps in their statistics. Adding in all the Twitter and Facebook apps for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry surely push the percentage even higher. 

I think Mark Donovan, comScore senior vice president of mobile says it best: “Social networking remains one of the… fastest-growing behaviors on both the PC-based Internet and the mobile Web… “


Number of Mobile Subscribers Accessing Social Sites via Mobile Browser(3-month average ending Jan. 2010 vs. Jan. 2009 Total U.S. Age 13+)


Total Audience (000) 

Social Network Site 



% Change













Source: comScore MobiLens, March 2010

mobile social networking more popular than desktop in the U.S.

24 Feb

Mobile Social Networking U.S.

recent study from Ruder Finn shows that U.S. mobile users:

  • spend 2.7 hours per day on the mobile web
  • 91% socialize on the mobile web to vs. 79% of desktop users
  • 45% post comments to social networks
  • 43% connect with friends on social networks
  • 40% share content
  • 38% share photos

All these statistics support the finding from the Guardian that 50% of all the U. K. mobile usage goes to Facebook. This is another fact pointing us in the direction that real-time search, mobile and social media are all merging into one.


What Do Seniors Do Online? Visit Facebook and YouTube, of Course

11 Dec

Research done by Nielsen confirmed a trend that we’ve seen in recent years: more and more seniors are becoming active on the web. In November of 2004, there were 11.3 million active seniors online. In November 2009, that number jumped by 55% to 17.5 million. In addition, they spend more time on the web, totaling an average of 58 hours a month in front of the browser – just look at the data above.

Posted via web from Eric’s online marketing blog

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