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FAIL Blog’s Top Ten FAIL Lists for 2009 [video]

11 Dec

I couldn’t resist posting this video. Enjoy!

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Adidas Originals Star Wars Collection Preview (via

23 Nov

Adidas Originals Star Wars Collection Preview


Star Wars fans will get a chance to add another piece of memorabilia to their collection in 2010. adidas honors the timeless intergalactic tale with a few of its classic models in what looks to be a very promising collaborative. The shoes take inspiration from scenes and characters for a literal interpretation and while we only have these sneak peak images you can only imagine how soon the hi res detailed photos will be online. Who’s excited? Or were you all trekkies? Via Hypebeast

Wow, first Marc Ecko brings Star Wars into pop culture and now Adidas? Looks like I’ll need to save up for a new wardrobe.

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Kanye West your website with

17 Nov

Kanye West kanyelicious MTV VMA 2009

I know that the the tool to add Kanye West to any site has been out for a while. But, it’s so awesome that I wanted to make sure that everyone out there knows about. Plus, I recently rediscovered it in my bookmarks 🙂

Remember when Kanye West toally punk’d Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV VMA awards? Here’s a refresher:

So, why am bringing up Kanye West again after the incident that happened earlier this year? Well, if you haven’t discovered “kanyelicious” yet you are really missing out! This simple website features an app that is rumored to have been developed by none other than the Barbarian Group.

How do you go about turning every site known to man into a kanyelicious site? It’s as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Go to kanyelicious
  2. Enter your URL into the field
  3. Hit “DO IT!”
That’s it! Just follow those simple three steps and you can have Kanye West interrupting any site that you want him to. There is even an option to have a bookmark that “automatically” adds Kanye to any site you are currently browsing.

P.S. To see my personal favorite Kanye West joke from Ima let you finish check out my earlier blogpost here.

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Seven Patty Windows 7 Whopper Is Real, and It’s Horrifying (via @Gizmodo)

23 Oct

They weren’t kidding: The Seven Patty Windows 7 Burger does exist in Japan and you can have it for $14.

What does this mean for Microsoft and burger king branding? Good question…

Windows1.0 – ORDER TODAY! (except in Nebraska)

22 Oct

Steve Ballmer deserves an award of some sort.

Japan Welcomes Windows 7 with Seven Layer Whopper Burger (via @Gizmodo)

22 Oct

The Japanese are truly the kings of cross-promotion…

Insane Rocket Takeoff Photo Destroys Camera Lens

2 Oct
By Adam Frucci, 5:40 PM on Thu Oct 1 2009, 56,612 views (Edit, to draft, Slurp)

Photographer Ben Cooper took this photo of a Delta 4-Heavy rocket launching at Cape Canaveral using a sound-activated camera. And when your camera is that close to a launch, your lens probably won’t survive.

The particular setup for this was sound activated. The lens was destroyed (worth it of course) but the camera survived this one despite being severed from its ratchet straps and thrown to the ground, and the sound device used for this one disconnected from the camera and thrown about 200 feet backwards into the pad perimeter fence (still worked!). All settings are preset manually. No one is allowed closer than several miles from a launch.

Well, that’s awesome. [, Thanks, Jason!]

Well, what do you expect? However, the photo that the camera took before being destroyed is unbelievable!

Best remake yet? | Star Wars: Uncut Trailer

1 Oct

Wow! I remember when this project started up. It’s great to see it all come together.

For those of you who don’t know: The First Star Wars movie was divided into individual scenes and then fans from all over the world started recreating that one scene. Now all the scenes are being put back together to create the ultimate Star Wars fan-made tribute.

Will metrics become part of the content-creation process thanks to Adobe-Omnitre deal?

17 Sep

So, Adobe bought Omniture yesterday. I know a lot has been said about the financial and business impact of this, but what does this really mean for marketing and advertising? 

In the one corner you have Adobe the number one tool that aids in the creation of just anything using a computer, which according to Wikipedia has “historically focused upon the creation of multimedia and creativity software products.” In other words, every creative on this blue planet has, will, or does use an Adobe product to some extent – most likely more than less.

In the other corner you have Omniture the golden standard of online marketing web analytics software, which has historically grown from purchases of smaller but very relevant companies. In other words, if you want to be taken seriously as a website, you use Omniture just like a newspaper uses ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulations).

Combine these two opposite end of the spectrum entities – one creates the content, the other company measures it – and what do you get? A one stop solution, or as Adobe President-CEO Shantanu Narayen calls it: “end-to-end platform.” Some people are saying that now creatives will have to think about metrics from the beginning of the content-creation process. 

After the deal, Omniture CEO Josh James said that it will “allow creatives to integrate measurement into the front end of the ad-creation process” and that “marrying the two companies would improve content engagement, ad effectiveness and the overall user experience that’s driving the shift of ad dollars from offline to online.” This means that moving forward with this new deal in place, agencies will build Adobe Flash creative with Omniture tracking codes implanted from the beginning – this will enable them to track the views and consumer engagement of the creative across the web, and maybe even begin to micro-charge for every view, partial view or forward of their content versus just seeing measurements for impressions or clicks.

I believe that the ultimate outcome of this deal is that in the world of media analysis there will be more clarity and better metrics – definitely a move in the right direction!

Turn a Radish into a Power-Up Mushroom in Seconds [Food Hacks]

10 Sep
By Rosa Golijan, 8:30 AM on Sun Sep 6 2009, 48,013 views (Edit, to draft, Slurp)

Why not amuse and charm your party guests by garnishing a few dishes with these easy-to-make Mario-style Power-Up Mushrooms made of radishes? You might not get any extra lives, but there’s some serious geek cred in this food hack.

This project is fairly simple. What you’ll do is:

  • Make a shallow cut around the circumference of the radish
  • Make four cuts from the stem end to the line made by the first cut to create a square base
  • Trim the base until it is cylindrical
  • Make some very shallow, circular slices into the “head” portion of the mushroom to create the white spots
  • Grab some dark food coloring and add eyes to your creation (Or use seaweed as the original creator does!)

Confused? Check out Anna the Red’s Bento Factory, a wonderful meal-themed blog for more detailed pictures and instructions, but before you go, tell us: Do you have any geeky or video game themed food hacks? Or perhaps some clever creations to amuse and entertain visitors? Share your tricks and include pictures if you can. Thanks, Jesus!

How to Make a Radish Mushroom [Anna the Red’s Bento Factory via GameOvr via BuzzFeed]

You’ve gotta appreciate the little things in life.

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