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big brands ad spend on google adwords revealed by ad age.

7 Sep

internal google adwords document leaked to advertising age.


7% of spenders account for 60% of spend
26% of spenders account for 84% of spend

why is this important?

google embodies why search marketing is the ultimate in pull advertising.
“google has become the remote control for the world; it’s the first stop, not tv” said will margiloff, CEO of innovation interactive, a unit of denstu. “more than any other media, that messaging is requested; people are seeking bp’s answers out as opposed to waiting to be told.”

google controls 65% of of u.u. web searched with its algorithms.
due to these algorithms not everyone can show up on the top of the results page. however, adwords is the great equalizer: you can buy your way to the top as a big brand.

some interesting tidbits.
the data obtained by ad age includes huge brands such as gm, walt disney, eastman kodak and bmw, which appear to have spent less than $500,000 in june. apple & chip maker intel spent just under $1 million on search during june.

what is the apollo group?
who is this advertiser that spend $6.67 billion of adwords in june? a quick google search reveals that the apollo group is behind online education ventures such as the university of phoenix. wow, for-profit universities must be a much larger industry than i could have ever imagined!


source: adage.com


STRONG web design – the official webpage of north korea.

3 Aug

code of the official webpage of north korea


quick explanation for non-web people: the html-code <strong> does not mean that something is “strong” or “powerful”, but rather simply just bold. the developer of the official north-korean website must have not been aware of this and just to be safe put in a few dozen extra <strong> for good measure.

as we all know north korea is a strange place. and on top of it, north korea is pretty full of itself and their website coding is no different: it’s really, really strong. see for yourself on the official webpage of the democratic people’s republic of korea (and yes, it’s a .com).

iPhone 4 case program starts with an email.

24 Jul


of course there’s an app for that…

here’s how it works.

go to the site for the program: http://www.apple.com/iphone/case-program/. the program offers iPhone 4 customers an app store app that lets them apply for their free iPhone 4 bumper case.

  1. download the free iPhone 4 case program app from the app store. 
  2. launch the app on your iPhone 4 and sign in using your iTunes account or apple id. 
  3. select your bumper or case. 
  4. that’s it.

what about if you already bought a bumper case?


there’s an email for that. all credit card customers should already be seeing refunds and receiving emails such as the one above.

fifa world cup brasil 2014 official emblem unveiled.

10 Jul

honestly, not the best looking emblem – by far.

woot! stays true to it’s brand with latest video.

1 Jul

you’ve got to love a company that stays true to itself even after it’s bought up by big brother. this “we got acquired by amazon” video is the perfect example of exactly that: staying true to the brand that your customers have come to love and that you are known for.

as reported yesterday, woot! is amazon’s second most high-profile acquisition of an online store since its purchase of zappos.com last year.

like zappos, woot! will operate autonomously and keep its offices, they’ll just be under the amazon umbrella. big congrats to woot!

mapquest has a new look & functionality.

30 Jun

mapquest introduces new look and feel.

mapquest is the granddaddy of all mapping and direction tools on the web. up until a few years ago was the goto site for directions before google maps came along with a slicker interface and improvements such as street view and instant directions to and from anywhere. as of yesterday mapquest is showing that they haven’t given up to google maps and are fighting back with the launch of a new interface, a new identity and a web site that has been completely redesigned.

new logo.

ever since being acquired by AOL in 2000 mapquest has used it’s well-known quirky logo that features a drop shadow and cartoony dashes at each end.


then in a very un-web 2.0 move, the logo was slightly updated and changed to a simpler version without without any effects:


now, the new brand identity launched yesterday and features some huge changes. the most obvious is of course the change to the logo, namely the color and typeface. the comic style font has made way for modern looking lower-case sans-serif font with “mapquest” in purple and a stylize letter m and q in bright green.


updates to website.

the second component of the overhaul in addition to the new branding is that new site design and functionality have been implemented. it looks like they got a lot of things right and user-friendliness was an important factor. the new features include:

  • a single line search box and a redesigned main page that displays the map more prominently.
  • a very web 3.0 ability to search for “temporal types of content,” such as fireworks for July 4 or a haunted houses on halloween.
  • my maps lets you personalize, save, and share maps, directions and collections of your favorite places.

future plans include allowing users to upload photos to build a community social-networking feel.


you can see the new changes today at new.mapquest.com, which is still in beta but should be fully rolled out by august.

will it be enough?

personally, i like the new logo redesign and the more intuitive web 3.0 user-interface. but, will this really be enough to stop the groth of google maps? i’m not so sure as the words from “lazy sunday” still seem to ring true: “…let’s hit up yahoo maps to find the dopest route. i prefer map quest. that’s a good one, too. google maps is the best. true that. DOUBLE TRUE.


the most despised team in baseball? not the new york yankees.

30 Apr

looks like some teams that no one expected could use some help with branding.

despite the largest payroll in baseball, a record 27 world series titles, and an obnoxiously cocky (and knowledgeable) fan base, the new york yankees surprisingly did not take the top spot on a list of baseball’s most despised teams from the wall street journal. the distinction of being major league baseball’s most despised team goes to (drum roll) the cleveland indians. however, not for their culturally insensitive logo, but rather for alienating their fans (understandable) and failing to garner much positive attention – when’s the last time you heard anything about the indians since the movie major league? additionally, new york yankees fans can take comfort (and bragging rights that go along) in knowing the their bitter rivals the boston red sox landed just behind the Indians on the list. being a tampa bay rays supporter I can definitely see why this is the case. since winning the world series in 2004 and ending the curse of the bambino they have added a seemingly never-ending army of crazy obnoxious bandwagon fans. since the tampa bay rays were left off the list, i assume they came in somewhere in the middle. considering their track record that’s pretty impressive.

the hatred index.

here are the ten most hated teams in baseball, according to nielsen:

  1. Cleveland Indians
  2. Boston Red Sox
  3. Cincinnati Reds
  4. Houston Astros
  5. New York Yankees
  6. Washington Nationals
  7. Chicago White Sox
  8. Baltimore Orioles
  9. New York Mets
  10. Los Angeles Dodgers

the san francisco giants and oakland athletics landed on the other end of the spectrum, rating as the most-liked MLB teams. this suggests that laid-back northern california fans are the most accepting type of fan.

full story at wall street journal.



travelocity becomes first brand to use chatroulette for marketing.

1 Apr

it was only a matter of time before the first marketers discovered chatroulette and use it for marketing purposes. the official travelocity gnome is the first to jump in and use chatroulette for marketing purposes.

screenshots sent to mashable.com by travelocity confirm that the gnome is hiding out there in chatroulette’s mysterious corridors on people to market travelocity’s services to: he wants to motivate chatroulette users to step away from their webcams for a moment and take vacations.

according to adweek, “the idea is that folks sitting around video-chatting with strangers could use the excitement of travel.”

the iconic gnome uses signs to get his message across (see above). they read messages like, “this would be more fun if we were in rio.”

when asked if they are tracking activity or offering special promotions, travelocity responded, “we’re still experimenting so we haven’t applied any measurements just yet. once we figure out how we’ll move forward we will think about other applications like deals and offers.”

i believe that chatroulette is more than just seeing random penises, so it’s great to see that companies like travelocity agree. it still remains to be seen what becomes of this experimental test run, but it’s definitely a clever approach to utilizing this new channel for marketing purposes.

how will the future of chatroulette marketing look? as always with any new form of digital media i believe that solid marketing / advertising strategy is that backbone to any success: focus on the marketing objectives, marketing strategies, and then the marketing tactics.

no more mac.com?

22 Jan

mac.com doesn't redirect to MobileMe anymore

via mac.com

i wanted to check my email online this morning and I was welcomed to mac.com by this message – mac.com no longer redirects to MobileMe! as much as like “MobileMe” I do not like the idea of “me.com” or having a “@me.com” email address versus a “@mac.com” email address. being a longtime apple user and fan I enjoy having an email address that helps me identify with the brand.

Is Apple working on putting something else up on mac.com? Is this part of a major rebranding effort?

As Apple does not give out the “@mac.com” address anymore I can only hope that do not pal on getting rid of the “@mac.com” addresses in the future.

blogs can help brands get started with social media.

21 Jan
image via 10e20.com

i’ve often thought about how blogs fill in nicely as the bridge between a stale corporate website and social networking websites (thanks to 10e20 for the info-graphic). moreover, it helps a brand jump-start their online presence in the world of social media.

the simple creation of a blog in order to bridge the space between a site and a full-blown social media presence is often overlooked. I am often asked by overwhelmed clients what they should create first in this fast-moving online world where the groundswell is in full effect.  my answer 9 out of 10 times is: a Blog.

a good blog is very powerful in the online world. instead of simply adding social networking badges on a homepage saying “follow us on twitter” or “find us on facebook” a blog can help a brand successfully create social awareness for itself rather than just pointing website visitors to where the official social media account(s) are.

according to 10e20, online social media users “are constantly looking for new and fresh content.” I couldn’t agree more – that is why my number one advice to clients is that ‘content is king.’ this mantra applies to all aspects of interactive marketing.  using SEO as an example: having great content creates strong links to your site which in turn will increase your rankings in the search engines. a blog can create this great content for your brand. you may not always be able to change the contents of a corporate site, but you can almost always make new posts to a blog.  a blog helps you reach users that are constantly on the search for fresh content. with ongoing, strong and effective content creation related to the brands business and sharing that blog contents on its social presence it can create a tremendously effective link between a social media presences and a main company website.

of course, there is always the question about how to create content for a blog.  the answer will vary and depend very much on the brands industry and comfort level with the online world.  however, most of the time it can start out by simply turning a newsletter into “bite-size” pieces on a blog. getting on a fairly regular schedule and figuring out who will contribute are also very important considerations.

the most important thing is to remember that a brand can easily live and thrive in the world of the groundswell & social media. It can all start with the creation of a blog.


business blogging blog is a great resource to get started with corporate blogging from brands.

my obvious choice to quickly get up an running with a blog is posterous. the best part is that it let’s automate pushing your blog content to your other social media accounts – serving as a true bridge between your website (where your blog lives) and the sometimes very intimidating world of social media. find out more about posterous here.

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