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the fourth-most search term by kids is porn.

19 Dec

A study showing the top 100 search terms children used in 2009 was just released.

To no surprise the term “Youtube” is the most searched in all age groups, with “Facebook” and “Google” being the other in the top three.
The fourth most searched term is where the head-scratching beings: For teens and tweens the term is”sex” (which really isn’t a HUGE surprise). However, kids seven and under apparently prefer to skip this stage and search straight for “porn.”

Big FYI here: That’s more than searches for the Cartoon Network, and Hannah Montana.

What’s the big takeaway from all this? If you believe children are our future (which I’m sure the vast majority does): Our future is doomed.


Young People Tweeting More and More – eMarketer

3 Nov

Status update services catch on with Gen Y

More evidence of Twitter uptake among young people comes from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. According to a September 2009 survey, 33% of online adults ages 18 to 29 use a status update service, a significant difference from the research firm’s previous poll on the subject.

This meant young adults were more likely to tweet than users ages 30 to 49, who had previously been considered the core group for Twitter.

Want Teens to Notice Your Product Placement? Use the Web

20 Oct

For many marketers product placement remains a viable way to create brand awareness among young people–but with this generation having been marketed to on multiple screens pretty much since birth, does product placement even work?

The answer is yes, but not in the way marketers are hoping. We found that 72% of teens and 77% of college students notice product placement, and the top three products they notice on television shows are beverages, cell phones, and cars. But only one in seven report that those product placements have any effect on their perception of the brands.

But it turns out there is one “product” teens and college students say they not only notice but actively pursue: Web sites. 38% of teens and 26% of college students noticed Web sites in a TV show or movie. And 53% of them reported going online to check the site out.

Web sites

So while we don’t have tangible evidence that the products youth notice most are having much of an impact, we do know that getting your Web site featured on a popular TV show or in a film is a great way to drive youth awareness, not to mention traffic. Maybe we’ll start seeing fewer soda cans on TV, and more characters playing a game on the soda maker’s Web site.

So the new product placement is (drum-roll please): A Vanity URL website! What does this mean? Instead of putting your product in the show/movie/etc. put your vanity URL (e.g. CheckThisOut.com) and the kids will check it out.

The key here is to make sure that your website that you are sending the kids to delivers. Does it have good call to actions? Is it branded properly? What do expect people to do once they are there?

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