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iPad statistics from wwdc 2010 [infographic]

8 Jun

not bad the apple iPad that has only been out for about 2 month. i find the ebook statistic the most interesting – can the iPad really establish itself as a viable handheld book reader?


targeting the iPad with google adwords now possible.

19 Apr

Go Mobile! Series: iPad Device Targeting Now Available

Thursday, April 15, 2010 | 2:45 PM


As we announced earlier this month, we’ve included the iPad in our list of mobile devices with full internet browsers, making it easy for you to run your campaigns on it.

Now that we’ve finished our rigorous iPad testing, we feel confident adding the iPad to the list of mobile devices that you can target specifically. To do this, simply edit the “Devices” section in your Campaign Settings, and select the iPad under ‘Advanced device and carrier options:

A few things to keep in mind:

  • If your device settings are set for desktop and laptop computers only, your ads won’t show on the iPad.
  • If you’re already targeting selected mobile devices (such as iPhone or Android), your ads won’t show on the iPad. Make sure to select the iPad as well if you want to include it in your device-targeted campaign.

Also, remember that you can promote your iPhone/iPad or Android apps directly by linking to the download URL in your ads. This way people can download your app straight from your ads. To make things easier, we’ll handle the device targeting automatically when these ads show on mobile devices.

We’re excited to see the iPad and other innovative devices come to market and will continue to improve AdWords to help you reach and connect with your audience and your customers!

Posted by Dan Friedman, Inside AdWords crew

the connected marketer’s coverage of the iPad continues.

the latest announcement by google that advertisers can now specifically target the iPad is just the tip of the iceberg of the iPad’s influence on marketing. stay tuned for more to come.

the iPad: america’s great divide.

17 Apr

continuing my iPad blog posts of late with this “the joy of tech” comic. the apple ipad is truly dividing people as of late 🙂

apple iPad review.

16 Apr

connected marketer iPad review.

it’s here! i’ve spent just about 2 weeks with my new apple iPad wifi model and wanted to give my in-depth review. let me start off by saying: it’s amazing! it’s one of those few devices that people actually stand in line for and can’t wait to get. i heard a story from a friend that was waiting at his office on launch day for his iPad to be delivered. when the UPS guy got there they started talking and the UPS guy told him how people had been following his truck in their cars and begging him to give them their iPads early. i can’t think of too many products that cause this kind of frenzy. see my standing in line and unboxing photos here (it’s rather boring in comparison to other iPad unboxing photos you’ve seen).

honestly, i was rather skeptical of this “tablet” or “slate” or “whatever you want to call it” device when it was first announced in january. it looked to have many limitations and cons. but, after making the jump and spending two weeks with it as my primary computing device i’m ready to share my thoughts on it.

on to the review – keep in mind that i’ve only had the iPad for two weeks, so i haven’t used every single feature in-depth yet, but here’s what i’ve seen and enjoyed so far…

iPad review
there so much more to the apple iPad than just it’s technical specifications

Continue reading

top 10 iPad apps.

16 Apr

the iPad has been out for 2 weeks so here’s my top 10 iPad apps list of the best and hottest apps so far. they all take advantage of the iPad and its unique features. keep in mind that new apps are coming out every day, but i thought i’d share my personal iPad top 10 must have iPad apps.

  • ABC Player – watch full Television episodes from ABC on your iPad with this visually very appealing app.
  • Adobe Ideas – sketch out ideas in this very cool and enterprisingly functional free app from Adobe on your iPad.
  • iBooks – turns your iPad into an ereader. still not clear why it’s not a built in app. a must have.
  • IMDb – brings the powerful international movie database to your iPad in visually appealing way unique to the iPad. 
  • Keynote – create great presentation and deliver them from your iPad. you can even use itunes to sync presentations from your home computer.
  • MLB.com – offers a visually stunning way to watch any baseball game using your MLB.tv account on your iPad. 
  • Netflix – the must have app if have netflix. stream movies onto the iPads amazing display no matter where you are. you can also edit your queue. 
  • USA Today – a virtual copy of the USA today. visually very appealing and shows what newspapers on tablet devices can look like.
  • Weatherbug Elite  – a great replacement for the weather app missing on the iPad. offers much more than the apple weather app on the iPhone.
  • Wikipanion – combines the power of wikipedia with the amazing display of the iPad.


unexpected apple iPad fashions.

14 Apr


connected marketer gets an iPad. [photos]

3 Apr

arriving in the “non-reservation” line (notice the black curtain in the apple store).

apple always takes care of people waiting in line with starbucks coffee and smartwater.

still a while to go.

the line begins to take shape.

the store opens at 8:55 a.m.

a swarm of (blue) apple store employees.

the line finally starts to move.

at the front of the line; the next “non-reservation” customer.

the apple store full of iPad customers.

the line when i left.


iPad – open box.

iPad out of the box.

Posted via email from connected marketer.

iPad announcement email. iPad wi-fi model available today.

3 Apr

here’s the apple iPad announcement that arrived in my inbox this morning:

Shop Online     |     Find a Store     |     1-800-MY-APPLE
iPad is here. A magical and revolutionary product at an unbelievable price.
Buy iPad
Wi-Fi + 3G models available in late April.
Some features and applications are not available in all areas. Application availability and pricing are subject to change.
TM and copyright © 2010 Apple Inc. 1 Infinite Loop, MS 83-DM, Cupertino, CA 95014.

first apple iPad reviews are in.

1 Apr

ipad reviews

a handful of iPad reviews have been published online so far and they’re largely positive. of course with the expected caveats on the lack of a camera and lack of support for flash and multitasking. overall the consensus is that apple has a shot at creating a brand new digital media category with the iPad.

a number of reviews make special mention of its speed – a major selling point for apple devices over the competition in the past (e.g. google android), a battery life that exceeds apple’s claims.

following the jump are excerpts from eight of those early reviews: Continue reading

CSS3 replacing flash? watch an AT-AT stomp all over flash.

3 Feb



replacing flash.

above is a still image of an AT-AT walker (on an apple iPad). But, if you go here using any WebKit browser (e.g. safari or chrome), it comes to life like on hoth. It looks like a cool flash animation, except it’s not, it’s pure CSS3 magic (read about how CSS3 can replace Flash here).
So the question remains: will css3 replace flash?

(link to AT-AT walker in all its CSS3 glory. remember you need to be using a webkit browser).

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