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Seven Patty Windows 7 Whopper Is Real, and It’s Horrifying (via @Gizmodo)

23 Oct

They weren’t kidding: The Seven Patty Windows 7 Burger does exist in Japan and you can have it for $14.

What does this mean for Microsoft and burger king branding? Good question…


Japan Welcomes Windows 7 with Seven Layer Whopper Burger (via @Gizmodo)

22 Oct

The Japanese are truly the kings of cross-promotion…

What a Joke: Food Industry introduces new “Smart Choices” Labeling Campaign

11 Sep

G. Paul Burnett/The New York Times

When I first heard about the “Smart Choices” Food Labeling campaign backed by most of the nation’s largest food manufacturers, I thought it was a great idea. Read the article in the NY Times here.  But, now after reading more about it and seeing that the nothing but sugar and artificial flavor ridden Coca Krispies and Froot Loops are included in this campaign, I’m not so sure anymore.

This looks like great idea from a marketing and branding standpoint as big name brands are loosing huge chunks of market share to store brands, local brands, and natural or organic choices. However, isn’t this really just another marketing gimmick that is attempting to fix the Fourth P of Product from the Marketing Mix developed by Professor Borden in the 1960s? What’s worse is that just like the American car industry, instead of actually fixing the PRODUCT they are trying to pull the wool over the consumers eyes with new and fancy packaging. Just like the American car industry – where if they had kept up with the competition and innovated instead of resting comfortably and EXPECTING demand to continuously increase- the food manufactures wouldn’t be in a bind if they offered less expensive and innovate (organic/natural/green/local/etc) product.

This is the label that is starting to show up on products

I can honestly say that the inclusion of  Coca Krispies and Froot Loops prove that this new “Smart Choices” labeling is nothing but a farce by the industry to try and artificially create a spike in demand for the food that once consumers see the truth will backfire and end up hurting them.

Hey US Food Industry: Fix the product, do actual branding! Don’t just slap a new “made up” label that deceives consumers on you products!

Smart Choices official site

Turn a Radish into a Power-Up Mushroom in Seconds [Food Hacks]

10 Sep
By Rosa Golijan, 8:30 AM on Sun Sep 6 2009, 48,013 views (Edit, to draft, Slurp)

Why not amuse and charm your party guests by garnishing a few dishes with these easy-to-make Mario-style Power-Up Mushrooms made of radishes? You might not get any extra lives, but there’s some serious geek cred in this food hack.

This project is fairly simple. What you’ll do is:

  • Make a shallow cut around the circumference of the radish
  • Make four cuts from the stem end to the line made by the first cut to create a square base
  • Trim the base until it is cylindrical
  • Make some very shallow, circular slices into the “head” portion of the mushroom to create the white spots
  • Grab some dark food coloring and add eyes to your creation (Or use seaweed as the original creator does!)

Confused? Check out Anna the Red’s Bento Factory, a wonderful meal-themed blog for more detailed pictures and instructions, but before you go, tell us: Do you have any geeky or video game themed food hacks? Or perhaps some clever creations to amuse and entertain visitors? Share your tricks and include pictures if you can. Thanks, Jesus!

How to Make a Radish Mushroom [Anna the Red’s Bento Factory via GameOvr via BuzzFeed]

You’ve gotta appreciate the little things in life.

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