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AT&T MMS launch: How was it for iPhone users?

28 Sep

So, what’s the fallout of the AT& MMS update from last Friday? It seems that according to initial feedback nothing too exciting happened. There were just a few isolated reports of failures to get the update, failures to get the MMS functions after an update, and late delivery of MMS messages.
According to a non-scientific poll conducted by TUAW.com it seems that 46% of respondents had no issues at all and an additional 15% had initial issues that went away.

Is this a WIN for AT&T? In my opinion no because getting this right was expected after such a long delay. The iPhone is finally capable of performing rudimentary functions that any 13 year old’s cell phone that they sneak into school on a daily basis.

How did the AT&T MMS release go for you?

It worked well. No problems 5739 (45.9%)
It seemed slow at first, but got better 1827 (14.6%)
MMS is missing some features I wanted 237 (1.9%)
MMS isn’t of any interest to me. I use email for sending pix 1912 (15.3%)
Doesn’t run on my older iPhone. I’m not happy 708 (5.7%)
Slow delivery yesterday. Much better today 795 (6.4%)
Not happy at all 1297 (10.4%


Is AT&T ready for iPhone MMS rollout tomorrow?

25 Sep

We’ve just heard from AT&T that new carrier settings for the iPhone 3G and 3GS will be available “late morning” Pacific Time (which would be early afternoon Eastern) this Friday, September 25, which will finally enable MMS support. Owners will have to tether up to iTunes to grab those settings, so fish out your cable (as if you don’t have it permanently attached to your machine already) and make sure you’ve got some solid time in front of the computer to check for the update over and over (and over) again, alright?

How long have iPhone owners been waiting on this? Too long!!!! Still WAY to overpriced. AT&T, quick question: Where would you be today without the iPhone? Huh?!?! This could be potentially disastrous for the AT&T brand if they don’r pull this off – no wonder they are scared right now. We’ll know more in 24 hours.

AT&T doing Social Media? – Go check it out!

24 Sep

Very interesting how AT&T is trying to embrace social media to it’s fullest. Should be interesting to watch, to say the least.

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