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r2-d2 iPhone hard case. [must have]

18 Aug

R2-D2 iPhone Hard Case with Sculpted Details

Our Price: $29.95

Ships Worldwide, except Mexico
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Available only to Hyperspace members.

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  • Fits iPhone 3G and 3GS
  • Hard case
  • Features sculpted details

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PRE-ORDER ITEM: Ships Oct 2010
Dates subject to change. You will not be charged until the item ships.
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iPhone 4 case program starts with an email.

24 Jul


of course there’s an app for that…

here’s how it works.

go to the site for the program: http://www.apple.com/iphone/case-program/. the program offers iPhone 4 customers an app store app that lets them apply for their free iPhone 4 bumper case.

  1. download the free iPhone 4 case program app from the app store. 
  2. launch the app on your iPhone 4 and sign in using your iTunes account or apple id. 
  3. select your bumper or case. 
  4. that’s it.

what about if you already bought a bumper case?


there’s an email for that. all credit card customers should already be seeing refunds and receiving emails such as the one above.

daily life with iOS 4.0 on my 3G iPhone. [video]

23 Jul

it is defiantly time for me to upgrade…

give bing a chance? over my dead body.

25 Jan

this comic reflects the thoughts of many apple evangelists and fanboys. However, people need to realize that the world has changed and that google is now just as “evil” as microsoft once was. Just don’t expect any MacOS Zune support any time soon 🙂

a famous leader once said “you can always form an alliance with the enemy of tomorrow against the enemy of today.”

all joking aside, I personally like Bing and have used it on occasion – however, bing has not been able change people’s ‘default’ behavior’ and cut into Google’s Stranglehold on the search engine market of 72%. if the rumors are true and bing does become the default search engine of the iPhone on wednesday the 27th of January at the apple event, bing might finally be able to change people’s ‘default behavior.’

the apple app store economy is booming. [infographic]

13 Jan

$165 million revenue a month for apple in the app store? not to shabby if you ask me.

Nexus One offers the cheapest unlimited service on a smartphone

6 Jan


Photo: Billshrink.com

Not only the Unlimited Plan – which includes unlimited Voice, Messaging, and data – but also the average plan is less expensive with T-Mobile than with AT&T.  While AT&T charges $149.99 for unlimited, T-Mobile only charges $99.99.  This equals to savings over 24 months over almost 50%!  So, if price is the deciding factor when purchasing a phone the Nexus One should be your next phone. 

However, we all know that Apple and AT&T have never wanted to compete based on price, but rather on product and service offerings.  The question will know be whether Apple’s superior branding and AT&T’s arguably better service offering can hold off the Nexus One.

On a side note, Sprint’s Palm Pre does offer the cheapest cost of ownership among the four smartphones compared by Billshrink.com above.  But let’s be honest that being sold exclusively by Sprint has taken the otherwise solid Palm Pre out of the running from the beginning.

2010 a Year of Apps and Downs for the iPhone

5 Jan
Photo: Reuters

In just about a year the number of iPhone Apps rose from 10,000 to 100,000 which is 10 times as many as the second place App Store for Android.

In the past the capabilities of a phone would be known by a quick look at the feature list. Today, however, there are Apps, these more or less useful application with which you can make from an iPhone – or a Google Phone – a navigation system, just as fast as a game console or even a fitness coach. Within a year the number of iPhone Apps increased from 10,000 to over 100,000, and also for the Google smartphone, Android,  there are now 16,000 applications.

Therefore, the really question are why are there not already Apps for “Sesame Street” or PBS? Apps for “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” or “The New York Times” have existed for some time for the Internet-to-go.

Yet, the really “Who want to be a Millionaire?” question has been answered a long time ago: Making all the cash and becoming rich with this model of unlimited functionality and freedom that comes with each new application is only one entity and that is Apple. About 30 percent of the proceeds of the fee-based Apps go to the company of Steve Jobs. On the other hand, network operators earn – in the USA, therefore, AT&T, because of the data transmission costs.

Nevertheless: Looking beyond the US cell phone market of flat rate everything including data transmission there is a system in which you are regularly informed about the costs and how much you are spending on data transmission. In these countries, the most important App for cost savings is: the Wifi mode – as the cell companies cannot charge you for data transmission via Wifi.

Rumor: Verizon Wireless prepares for the iPhone

18 Dec

Either wishful thinking or evidence of the inevitable, but BusinessWeek is reporting that Verizon is supposedly bolstering its network in preparation for the iPhone.

Verizon Wireless Chief Technology Officer Anthony Melone recently told Bloomberg BusinessWeek that the company is ready for the extra traffic that the iPhone would bring. “We have put things in place already. We are prepared to support that traffic.”

We all know how dissatisfied iPhone users, including myself, are with AT&T’s performance. Especially, if you came over from Verizon’s wireless service like I did. All us iPhone users can do now is cross our fingers and say “Please Apple, please offer your phone on Verizon!”

Shoppers use Smartphones to Study, Find, and Buy

1 Dec

By Colby E. Ware for USA TODAY

Mobile phones are now commonplace anywhere: the office, the home, in the car, and of course while shopping. With the increased capabilities that Smartphones offer it’s only natural that they are now doing the heavy-lifting for shoppers when it comes to doing their homework. Phones help shoppers find coupons, store locations and even discover nearby restaurants.

2009 will go down as the first holiday season that retailers are (finally) trying to capitalize on the still niche, but quickly expanding, market of mobile shoppers.

According to a Deloitte survey, about 20% of Americans will use their mobile devices for shopping during the 2009 holiday season. As is to be expected, the percentage is twice as high for young consumers (18-29). Young Shoppers say they’ll use their phones to find store locations, receive coupons and information for sales and to research products and prices.

Now for the most exciting statistic: One-quarter of all who plan to use their phones to shop say they will make purchases on the devices.

Given, the mobile shopping market is still relatively small, even if the sales numbers look impressive at $750 million. But looking at the bigger picture this represents about half of 1% of all online sales.

The trade publication Internet Retailer reported month that 112 retailers have “m-commerce” sites or apps.

Here are a few big boys joining the fun: Toys R Us, Walgreens, American Eagle, Best Buy and  Victoria’s Secret recently added mobile sites. Sears and Kmart were one of the first major U.S. retailers to offer a mobile site, last year.


Given the crazies out on Black Friday, the ability to use a mobile device from your couch, bed or kitchen to do price comparisons, check product availability and simply look for other bargains can be invaluable.

How Black Friday Works: Stores offer “door-buster” deals to entice people to come in, knowing they’ll buy more once inside the store. Many such discounts are advertised in advance, letting shoppers do price comparisons from home. But many deals aren’t promoted ahead of time, and other products that aren’t deals are strategically placed around stores.

Here’s where the Smartphone comes in: Consumers now browse the Web from the sales floor for product and price comparisons can save time and money. According to Nita Rollins, a futurist with the digital marketing agency Resource Interactive, “the majority of American consumers will be mobile device-centric in a few years. Now that it’s technologically feasible, possessing such power literally in the palm of our hands is quite irresistible.”


  • Best Buy has had a mobile site since June 2009, however it did not became fully functioning for purchases until the end of September. Michele Azar, Best Buy’s vice president of emerging channels, says even though the retailer thought it important for customers to be able to buy easily on their devices, she says that wasn’t the driving force behind the move to mobile.
  • Toys R Us added a mobile site right before the Black Friday craziness. Greg Ahearn, senior vice president of marketing and e-commerce, says it’s designed so consumers can quickly find stores, get “mom ratings” and product descriptions, and make purchases.

“Mobile technology use is growing among all age ranges,” says Ahearn. ” Some youngsters have their own phones and are looking things up, showing them to Mom and Dad and putting the items on their holiday wish lists.”

  • EBay’s mobile website attracts 1 million visitors a day. They  expects its mobile commerce – which includes a new iPhone deals app – to quadruple in 2010, and says it will have $500 million in revenue in 2009.

“It’s quite possible more people this year will use mobile commerce through eBay and avoid the stores altogether,” says Steve Yankovich, eBay’s vice president of business solutions and mobile.


According to a Resource Interactive study mothers remain the “chief purchasing officers,” and children are the “chief influencing officers.” Teens are using the Internet and their mobile devices influence the brands and products their families bought.

A Mom’s perspective after conducting a purchase via a Smartphone: “I still have much greater comfort level with my PC, but if I came to find (buying) was quick and efficient on my phone, I most definitely would do that – I’m on the road a lot.”

To facilitate the way young shoppers use their phones as tools of influence, Resource Interactive developed a prototype app that would allow teens to e-mail their parents photos from retail websites and get theirs and others’ opinions. If the parents approved, at the click of a button they could authorize the teens to buy the product using an alternative payment site such as BillMyParents.com.


Is Mobile the future of eCommerce? No not yet but we should definitely start talking about mCommerce, as people never have their cell phone more than 1 foot away from them, so it’s only logical that the combination of more power, faster internet, and more tech-savyness are leading to the rise of “mCommerce.”

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iPhone and Android now total 75% of U.S. smartphone web traffic

23 Nov

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iPhone and Android now total 75% of U.S. smartphone web traffic

by Mel Martin (RSS feed) on Nov 23rd 2009 at 2:30PM

It’s a rather stunning number from AdMob in an October report. The firm reports on web requests from thousands of sites world wide. In the latest report, Apple has 55% of the domestic Smartphone traffic share, and Android has 20%. Interestingly, the Blackberry share dropped 2% to a 12 percent share, and Palm’s webOS dropped from a 10% share to 5%.Windows Mobile OS has 4% of the U.S. Smartphone web traffic.

The AdMob statistics do not show handset sales, but rather are calculated by measuring traffic on more than 15,000 web sites and applications.

The Motorola Droid, running only on Verizon, has captured 24% of all Android traffic, even thought it has been out only a few weeks.

The iPhone has been on the market for 28 months. That 55% share of traffic is a pretty robust number for such a relatively new product. The Android numbers, especially those of the Droid are also good news for Google, Motorola and Verizon.

The balance of Smartphone data may change dramatically as the holiday season unwinds, and it will be interesting to watch the ebb and flow of the competing brands.

AdMob was recently purchased by Google. Apple also had reportedly had some interest in the company.

Incredible statistics for both the iPhone and the Android (the Verizon Droid in particular).

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