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The next big thing? Leapfish Launches Portal & Search For "Living Web"

16 Nov

Is Leapfish the next big thing? That has yet to be determined, but from my initial browsing it has a great chance of becoming my next internet portal along the lines of my yahoo or iGoogle. I love how it has embraced and integrated Social right from the beginning.

Thanks to @nikolhillman for the heads up on Leapfish!


46% of Local Online Searchers Visit Brick and Mortar Businesses

24 Oct

46% of Local Searchers Visit Businesses In-Store

46% of local searchers make in-store visits, according to data released to eMarketer by TMP Directional Marketing and comScore. The number is up 12% over last year.

Meanwhile, for “general searches,” 34% visited stores, but this was only up 1% over last year. Internet yellow pages searchers also came in at 34%, up from 29% last year. The overall average of searchers ending up in-store was 37%.


Don;t think online searches are important? Think again. SEO will make or break your business over the next few years.

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