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star wars christmas special: harrison ford’s finest acting moment. [video]

20 Aug

you haven’t seen the star wars christmas special??? probably because george lucas himself is so embarrassed by it that he had all traces of it destroyed.  well, this clip from youtube pretty much sums up how awesomely bad it is. enjoy! 


1980 empire strikes back interview with harrison ford & mark hamill. [video]

19 Aug

some awesome vintage tv of harrison ford & mark hamill on the today show talking the empire strikes back with jane pauley in 1980. nice piece of star wars history thanks to youtube.

amazing sega / sonic the hedgehog office prank. [inspiration]

13 Aug

happy friday everyone.

updated: microsoft street slide view better than google street view? [video]

2 Aug

back in a february post i said that i’d be switching to bing maps over google maps soon (back then for the flickr integration). well, this newly released video from microsoft research has reaffirmed that notion as street slide looks phenomenal – especially to a map geek like myself. 

update: i fixed the youtube video above and it should work again.

daily life with iOS 4.0 on my 3G iPhone. [video]

23 Jul

it is defiantly time for me to upgrade…

star wars subway car stunt by improv anywhere. [video]

14 Jul

wish they would do this kind of stuff on my morning commute…

woot! stays true to it’s brand with latest video.

1 Jul

you’ve got to love a company that stays true to itself even after it’s bought up by big brother. this “we got acquired by amazon” video is the perfect example of exactly that: staying true to the brand that your customers have come to love and that you are known for.

as reported yesterday, woot! is amazon’s second most high-profile acquisition of an online store since its purchase of zappos.com last year.

like zappos, woot! will operate autonomously and keep its offices, they’ll just be under the amazon umbrella. big congrats to woot!

adidas originals commercial – star wars cantina 2010. [inspiration]

8 Jun

adidas star wars video.

just in time for the world cup this star wars video from adidas originals is better than the whole new trilogy combined. seriously!

star wars saga in 2 minutes with lego. [video]

6 May

the title of the video says it all: “the fastest and funniest lego star wars story ever told.”

star wars: uncut. new “the escape” trailer.

15 Apr

for those that don’t know star wars: uncut is a project that is recreating star wars: a new hope frame-by-frame by editing together 500 15-second crowdsourced scenes. star wars: uncut is truly a labor of love.

above is just a five-minute trailer; the full version of star warts: uncut will be screened in copenhagen on april 19th.

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