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where should i chat online?

16 May


looks like twitter has peaked?

21 Mar


has twitter peaked


Check out these interesting infographics based on Barracuda Networks recent study of Twitter. This study analyzed Twitter accounts with at least ten followers, who followed at least ten people, and has tweeted at least ten times. This pared down the users by 79%.

Full story and graphics at Next Generation Online.

More Twitter tips and tricks.


BROWSER WARS: Google Chrome Beats Apple Safari

16 Dec

All it took was the release of the Google Chrome beta for Linux and Mac and it happened: Chrome became is the number 3 browser in the world, narrowly sliding past Apple’s Safari with a 4.4 percent marketshare to Safari’s 4.37 percent. The Google-Apple war is getting real, people.

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What Do Seniors Do Online? Visit Facebook and YouTube, of Course

11 Dec

Research done by Nielsen confirmed a trend that we’ve seen in recent years: more and more seniors are becoming active on the web. In November of 2004, there were 11.3 million active seniors online. In November 2009, that number jumped by 55% to 17.5 million. In addition, they spend more time on the web, totaling an average of 58 hours a month in front of the browser – just look at the data above.

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Social Networking Chronological Graph with Number of Members

7 Dec

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Newest Data: Facebook Soars, MySpace Shrinks and Twitter Slows

12 Oct

Twitter specific: According to comScore the monthly traffic has leveled off at about 20 million visitors since July, after jumping from 4 million in February to 17 million in April. Mediapost speculates that the microblogging service could just be in a lull before another growth spurt.

Newest data breaks down US Mobile Internet Usage by Age

5 Oct

Mobile Internet users grew 34% to 57 million from 2008 to 2009, according to The Nielsen Company.

As is to be expected from previous research findings, Men browse for tech, sports and news. Women, on the other hand use the mobile web for celebrity news, shopping sites and social networks.

Most surprisingly to me, only12% of mobile web users are under age 18.

Nearly 50% of US Facebook users are over 35 – almost 20% are over 45

1 Oct

An interesting demographic trend that started earlier this year on Facebook is that users over 45 are still growing the fastest in the US.

Will the younglings start jumping ship soon? If yes, what’s the next BIG THING?

Social Media Marketing isn’t just a fad

25 Sep

Another day, another emarketer graph. The question is: What does this graph tell us?

1. Social media success is many-sided and complicated (nothing new there)
2. People want to hear the nitty-gritty tactics and not waste time with other things
3. Most importantly: Social Media is being accepted as an important part of the marketing mix and not just a fad

Scary: 84% DO NOT measure ROI of Social Media

23 Sep

This is a really scary statistic! People and companies need to start realizing that Social Media needs to be measured just like any other Media.

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