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20 things I already know about the apple tablet. (iTablet / iSlate )

27 Jan


Found this very true list while browsing for news on Apple’s big announcement of the Apple Tablet tomorrow.


As the list is difficult to read, here are the “20 things I already know about the Apple Tablet”:

1. It will make you want one.

2. It will be missing something “essential”.

3. It will have at least one really surprising feature.

4. It will singlehandedly re-monetize some waning industry.

5. It will be Time Magazine’s device of the year.

6. It will have a short battery life.

7. It will standardize at least one new technology.

8. Steve Ballmer will say it’s too expensive and too limiting.

9. Companies will start playing catch-up.

10. All other similar products will be compared to it in their reviews.

11. At least one major critic will hate it on principle alone, then he’ll actually try it for a week.

12. It will become his main machine and he will write a story on his transition to the device.

13. People will sarcastically say that it does everything including making you coffee. This will somehow never get old.

14. At least one company will make an absolutely ridiculous and useless peripheral for it.

15. A group of people will say they’re waiting until it has “x feature” before they buy one. It will get that feature. They still won’t buy it.

16. Almost all cases for the device will be way too expensive.

17. It will somehow be used in the military.

18. You’ll eventually get over it’s name. Analysts will claim that it bridges the iPhone to Mac gap, thus helping the “halo” effect, without any evidence.

19. Early adopters will be heart-broken when version 2 of the product comes out.

20. People will say Apple did an upgrade of the device too quickly. Steve Jobs will say get over it.


(Thanks to John Burke)


give bing a chance? over my dead body.

25 Jan

this comic reflects the thoughts of many apple evangelists and fanboys. However, people need to realize that the world has changed and that google is now just as “evil” as microsoft once was. Just don’t expect any MacOS Zune support any time soon 🙂

a famous leader once said “you can always form an alliance with the enemy of tomorrow against the enemy of today.”

all joking aside, I personally like Bing and have used it on occasion – however, bing has not been able change people’s ‘default’ behavior’ and cut into Google’s Stranglehold on the search engine market of 72%. if the rumors are true and bing does become the default search engine of the iPhone on wednesday the 27th of January at the apple event, bing might finally be able to change people’s ‘default behavior.’

Rumor: Verizon Wireless prepares for the iPhone

18 Dec

Either wishful thinking or evidence of the inevitable, but BusinessWeek is reporting that Verizon is supposedly bolstering its network in preparation for the iPhone.

Verizon Wireless Chief Technology Officer Anthony Melone recently told Bloomberg BusinessWeek that the company is ready for the extra traffic that the iPhone would bring. “We have put things in place already. We are prepared to support that traffic.”

We all know how dissatisfied iPhone users, including myself, are with AT&T’s performance. Especially, if you came over from Verizon’s wireless service like I did. All us iPhone users can do now is cross our fingers and say “Please Apple, please offer your phone on Verizon!”

First Pics of Apple’s New iPod Touch 3G, Nano 5G?

9 Sep

Has Cygnett let the cat out of the bag by publishing info on its new cases ahead of today’s Apple event? Matching previous rumors, here the Touch looks to have a built-in camera, while the nano has an elongated screen.

No spec information is listed, but certainly looks believable. We’ll find out at 10am. [Cygnett via Crave Asia]

I usually don’t partake in this hype, but hey it’s a slow morning!

Tomorrow’s Apple Event Rumor Roundup (via @tuaw)

8 Sep

‘It’s Only Rock and Roll’ Rumor Roundup

Tuesday September 08, 2009 12:16 PM EST; Category: iPhone, iPod
Written by Eric Slivka

With Apple’s “It’s Only Rock and Roll” media event scheduled for tomorrow, months of rumors and speculation are coming together to generate a picture of what may be in store for the event.

New iPods with Camera

A report from mid-May was the first to suggest that the iPod touch and iPod nano would see the addition of digital cameras. Additional confirmation and mockup images of the next-generation iPod nano appeared shortly thereafter, and the new iPod nano is also rumored to carry a wider-aspect (1.5:1) screen ratio.

Over the past several months, a number of third-party case manufacturers have been advertising cases for the next-generation iPod touch and iPod nano designed to accommodate digital cameras on both models, as well as the new iPod nano screen size. Believable images claiming to be a prototype of the new iPod touch were also revealed last month:

Additional word appeared late last month that Apple has contracted for 3.2-megapixel cameras for not only the iPod touch and iPod nano, but also the iPod classic. Finally, iPod resellers have also reported dwindling stocks of existing iPod models and discontinuation of product codes for those models.

Last minute reports from multiple sources claim, however, that Apple has run into production problems with the cameras on the new models. While the issue may delay shipment of the new iPods, an introduction remains very likely for tomorrow’s event.

iTunes Store – “Cocktail” and Pre-Cut Ringtones?

Apple has been rumored to be developing “digital album” packages of interactive content, code-named “Cocktail”, that the music industry hopes will help spur sales of full albums via iTunes. Major record labels are also rumored to be developing their own competing format.

Another report last week also claimed that Apple has secured the necessary rights to distribute pre-cut ringtones via the iTunes Store as an alternative to the custom-designed ringtones currently available for many tracks in the store.

iTunes 9

A report from early last month suggested that iTunes 9, likely to be introduced at tomorrow’s event, will offer support for Blu-ray media, as well the ability to organize iPhone and iPod touch applications within iTunes. Claims of social media integration also surfaced, along with several groups of questionable screenshots.

Other Rumors

– Beatles: While numerous observers have pointed to several Beatles-related product introductions tomorrow as something possibly more than a coincidence, AllThingsD reports that there will be no Beatles-iTunes announcements tomorrow.

– Tablet: Apple’s much-rumored tablet computer has been the subject of significant attention in recent months, with Apple CEO Steve Jobs reportedly focusing nearly all of his attention on the project since his return from a medical leave of absence in late June. Despite some suggestion that the tablet could see an introduction as early as this month, the vast majority of reports claim that it will not be introduced until a later date, likely early in 2010.

– Apple TV: A recent slip in shipping times for the low-end Apple TV has led to speculation that an update to the device could be in store, but sources have indicated that no such announcement will be made at tomorrow’s event.

Event Coverage

MacRumors will provide links to live coverage for the event and also provide Twitter updates @macrumors. For ongoing MacRumors news alerts, follow @macrumorsRSS.

Mac Buyer’s Guide: iPod
Rating (46 Positives; 16 Negatives)

Can’t wait to see what Steve Jobs pulls out of his hat this time!

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