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looks like twitter has peaked?

21 Mar

Check out these interesting infographics based on Barracuda Networks recent study of Twitter. This study analyzed Twitter accounts with at least ten followers, who followed at least ten people, and has tweeted at least ten times. This pared down the users by 79%.

Full story and graphics at Next Generation Online.

More Twitter tips and tricks.

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Twitter Users in 2010: 15.5% of Adult Internet Users

9 Dec

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Image of Twitter’s new “Fail whale”

7 Dec
Twitter is currently down for scheduled maintenance.

We expect to be back within 30 minutes. Thanks for your patience.

I just got this message today on Twitter instead of the usual twitter “Fail Whale” – this really makes me miss the Twitter Fail Whale 😦

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Young People Tweeting More and More – eMarketer

3 Nov

Status update services catch on with Gen Y

More evidence of Twitter uptake among young people comes from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. According to a September 2009 survey, 33% of online adults ages 18 to 29 use a status update service, a significant difference from the research firm’s previous poll on the subject.

This meant young adults were more likely to tweet than users ages 30 to 49, who had previously been considered the core group for Twitter.

Newest Data: Facebook Soars, MySpace Shrinks and Twitter Slows

12 Oct

Twitter specific: According to comScore the monthly traffic has leveled off at about 20 million visitors since July, after jumping from 4 million in February to 17 million in April. Mediapost speculates that the microblogging service could just be in a lull before another growth spurt.

Nine Reasons to Twitter in Schools

28 Sep

AT&T doing Social Media? – Go check it out!

24 Sep

Very interesting how AT&T is trying to embrace social media to it’s fullest. Should be interesting to watch, to say the least.

Scary: 84% DO NOT measure ROI of Social Media

23 Sep

This is a really scary statistic! People and companies need to start realizing that Social Media needs to be measured just like any other Media.

The Hierarchy Of Digital Distractions

9 Sep

What a great graph. Did I mention that I love graphs?

Check out my latest podcast on Online Branding

27 Aug

Head over to my company’s INSIDEsolutions Live! section to hear my latest podcast that features practical tips for Online Branding with Social Media:

In this 11 minute podcast I share how to take your customer relationships to the next level with effective online branding and leveraging social media for effective online branding for business.

In this podcast learn:

  • Migrating the Offline Brand Personality to Online Branding
  • Taking Your Customer Relationships to the Next Level
  • Five Tips to Help you with Effective Online Branding
  • Using the Real World to Enhance Your Online Brand

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