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Arrival of the Google Phone: $180 on Contract, $530 Unlocked

5 Jan

My brief assessment: Google’s not changing the game today. The Nexus One carried the same price like all the other smartphones: $180 with a T-Mobile contract, or $530 unlocked, both available through Google’s online store.  All in all the major blog have already reviewed and played extensively with the Nexus One, so the only mystery was the price unveiled today.  It’s not “free” as lots of people had hoped for given Google’s track record, but it’s still a great smartphone at a competitive price that will undoubtedly increase the unstoppable trend of more and more mobile web users in the future. According to one statistic, mobile web users will outnumber regular web users by 2015! We’ll talk again in 2015…

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BROWSER WARS: Google Chrome Beats Apple Safari

16 Dec

All it took was the release of the Google Chrome beta for Linux and Mac and it happened: Chrome became is the number 3 browser in the world, narrowly sliding past Apple’s Safari with a 4.4 percent marketshare to Safari’s 4.37 percent. The Google-Apple war is getting real, people.

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What is Google Wave? 2 Minute Animation To Explain

2 Oct

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