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advertising career evolution for creatives.

24 Aug


location based social networks compared. [infographic]

23 Aug

why germany will win the world cup. #ger #worldcup

2 Jul

any questions? no? thank you! see you in the final.

how google works. [infographic]

2 Jul

this pretty much sums up how google works. thanks to ppcblog for putting such a great google infographic together!

world cup technology. [infographic]

14 Jun

the technology of the world cup really is remarkable.

please read this. your friendly reminder to quit complaining.

10 Jun

enough said.

iPad statistics from wwdc 2010 [infographic]

8 Jun

not bad the apple iPad that has only been out for about 2 month. i find the ebook statistic the most interesting – can the iPad really establish itself as a viable handheld book reader?

iPod revolution. [infographic]

11 May

best seo guide. [infographic]

19 Apr


i think that images and infographics are the best way to present data and concepts; they make getting information across easier and clearer and in addition people take the time to understand them. thanks to datadial for putting together this great seo infographic.

the seo infographic above covers everything from basic keyword research concepts, through site architecture, page optimisation, link building, seo tactics, social media, and some basic seo and ppc click-through stats and explanations.

apple vs. google vs. microsoft [infographic]

15 Apr

this infographic shows the areas that apple, google, and microsoft are doing battle on. the third world war to control the future? google vs. apple vs. microsoft

what does each party want? microsoft wants computing to continue to be tied to the desktop—three screens and a cloud, as steve ballmer is fond of saying. for apple it’s all about closed information appliances with lots of third-party apps, computers anybody can use. and finally for google it’s about all roads leading to the internet, and the internet is currently synonymous with google.

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