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amazing sega / sonic the hedgehog office prank. [inspiration]

13 Aug

happy friday everyone.


vintage ads for social media.

5 Aug

facebook, youtube, and skype go retro. 

a big thanks to moma, sao paulo for making these awesome vintage / retro ads for social media stalwarts facebook, youtube, and skype.

star wars subway car stunt by improv anywhere. [video]

14 Jul

wish they would do this kind of stuff on my morning commute…

miroslav klose flip. #ger #worldcup

5 Jul

what a game the germany – argentina match was. (in case you missed it: germany won 4-0.

miroslav klose once again proved why he is a cold blooded world class striker. after his second goal he did his trademark flip that every bundesliga or germany fan has come to love over the years.

what gets me through the day. #ger #worldcup

30 Jun


germany advanced to the quarterfinals for the 15th straight world cup – every time since 1954. by far this is the longest streak in world cup history – second longest streak is brazil with 5.

on a side note to the england game:
what is the difference between the england team and a teabag? the teabag stays in the cup longer.

adidas originals commercial – star wars cantina 2010. [inspiration]

8 Jun

adidas star wars video.

just in time for the world cup this star wars video from adidas originals is better than the whole new trilogy combined. seriously!

underachieving at-at. [inspiration]

8 Apr

you’ve got to love a collage of star wars at-at underachievers. does star wars have a cultural impact? look no further.

star wars: galactic empire state of mind. [inspiration]

31 Mar

instant classic. especially for star wars fans. not only is it a pretty good song by itself – a remake of jay-z & alicia keys “empire state of mind” but there’s so much more:

> each original star wars trilogy movie gets a verse
> leia plays max rebo’s piano from jabba the hutt’s palace
> leia’s obvious, but still funny dj headphones
> ewoks which are more disturbing that actual ewoks in return of the jedi
> rebel pilots & stormtroopers bust-a-move
> slave leia from  jabba the hutt’s palace 
> boba fett

battlestar galactica: sabotage. [inspiration]

11 Mar

if you love rap or the beastie boys and scifi then this will truly blow your mind. it’s a video mashup of battlestar galactica and the beastie boys song “sabotage.” combining my favorite show and favorite song of all time equals not only inspiration of the day but probably of the month – or even EVER.

See the original video that spurred this comparison on YouTube here.

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