mapquest has a new look & functionality.

30 Jun

mapquest introduces new look and feel.

mapquest is the granddaddy of all mapping and direction tools on the web. up until a few years ago was the goto site for directions before google maps came along with a slicker interface and improvements such as street view and instant directions to and from anywhere. as of yesterday mapquest is showing that they haven’t given up to google maps and are fighting back with the launch of a new interface, a new identity and a web site that has been completely redesigned.

new logo.

ever since being acquired by AOL in 2000 mapquest has used it’s well-known quirky logo that features a drop shadow and cartoony dashes at each end.


then in a very un-web 2.0 move, the logo was slightly updated and changed to a simpler version without without any effects:


now, the new brand identity launched yesterday and features some huge changes. the most obvious is of course the change to the logo, namely the color and typeface. the comic style font has made way for modern looking lower-case sans-serif font with “mapquest” in purple and a stylize letter m and q in bright green.


updates to website.

the second component of the overhaul in addition to the new branding is that new site design and functionality have been implemented. it looks like they got a lot of things right and user-friendliness was an important factor. the new features include:

  • a single line search box and a redesigned main page that displays the map more prominently.
  • a very web 3.0 ability to search for “temporal types of content,” such as fireworks for July 4 or a haunted houses on halloween.
  • my maps lets you personalize, save, and share maps, directions and collections of your favorite places.

future plans include allowing users to upload photos to build a community social-networking feel.


you can see the new changes today at, which is still in beta but should be fully rolled out by august.

will it be enough?

personally, i like the new logo redesign and the more intuitive web 3.0 user-interface. but, will this really be enough to stop the groth of google maps? i’m not so sure as the words from “lazy sunday” still seem to ring true: “…let’s hit up yahoo maps to find the dopest route. i prefer map quest. that’s a good one, too. google maps is the best. true that. DOUBLE TRUE.


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