is google buzz stuck in neutral?

23 Apr

89% of content is automated.

google buzz social network

according to social media analytics company PostRank, the majority of content on google buzz — 89% to be exact —is automated and either comes from news feeds or other automated sources.

here’s the breakdown:

62.57% of google buzz posts originate on twitter.

  • users automatically re-post their tweets to google buzz so they don’t have to type in updates for each service separately.

26.47% of google buzz posts are through rss.

  • websites are automatically posting their new articles and posts through rsswithout adding any additional content. 


add those two numbers up and you see that 89.04% of all google buzz content is automatically pushed into google’s newest social network and not created there. currently, google buzz seems to be stuck in neutral and looks to only serve as a place to aggregate externally created content in one place but not as a place to create content. this seems to be unique in the the world of social media ( i can’t think of another platform that let’s people do this). but the biggest question seems to be: will google settle not being the creation tool? i would have to say yes, as google has held onto it’s core principle of letting the consumer decide rather than deciding for them.

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