facebook ads to use web history via “like” button on websites.

19 Apr

facebook like button.


photo via ft.com

beyond the anticipated announced that facebook will replace the “become a fan” button with an invitation to read “i like” a brand this week they plan on unveiling something much more interesting for marketers: the facebook like button.

this week facebook plan on unveiling a content-sharing button that websites can embed on their pages (similar to facebook connect). this “like” button will be similar to existing buttons from twitter and digg allowing users to share content via social networks.

this will be one of the announcements to come at F8, facebook’s annual conference slated to begin this wednesday in san francisco, ca.

why is this important for marketers?

well, according to sources familiar with the facebook like button, facebook will use data from these interactions to target users with related ads once they visit facebook.com. this is huge. being able to target facebook’s over 300 million users based on their web history would take facebook ad targeting to the next level. this would let them compete with google that already has a similar service offering called “remarketing.” it allows advertisers to target previous visitors to their sites when they visit any other site that features google ads.

currently, facebook targets users with ads based on what information they choose to fill out in their profile. this includes such things as: location, age, gender, favorite activities, favorite movies, favorite music, etc. based on my experience these ads work well and have a great ROAS, but still leave a lot left to wish for. facebook advertising is currently more like the wild west and resembles google adwords in the late 1990s.

“become a fan” becomes “like”.

as previously announced, facebook is also expected to roll out its “like” function to other parts of the site, including its so-called “engagement ads” – the advertising through which facebook makes most of its money.

these engagement ads ask users to “become a fan” of brands (e.g. starbucks or coca-cola). this means that facebook users agree to receive messages or special offers from the brand via their newsfeed.

only time will tell what the facebook like button truly bring to marketers.

sources: ft.com & mashable.com

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