top 10 iPad apps.

16 Apr

the iPad has been out for 2 weeks so here’s my top 10 iPad apps list of the best and hottest apps so far. they all take advantage of the iPad and its unique features. keep in mind that new apps are coming out every day, but i thought i’d share my personal iPad top 10 must have iPad apps.

  • ABC Player – watch full Television episodes from ABC on your iPad with this visually very appealing app.
  • Adobe Ideas – sketch out ideas in this very cool and enterprisingly functional free app from Adobe on your iPad.
  • iBooks – turns your iPad into an ereader. still not clear why it’s not a built in app. a must have.
  • IMDb – brings the powerful international movie database to your iPad in visually appealing way unique to the iPad. 
  • Keynote – create great presentation and deliver them from your iPad. you can even use itunes to sync presentations from your home computer.
  • – offers a visually stunning way to watch any baseball game using your account on your iPad. 
  • Netflix – the must have app if have netflix. stream movies onto the iPads amazing display no matter where you are. you can also edit your queue. 
  • USA Today – a virtual copy of the USA today. visually very appealing and shows what newspapers on tablet devices can look like.
  • Weatherbug Elite  – a great replacement for the weather app missing on the iPad. offers much more than the apple weather app on the iPhone.
  • Wikipanion – combines the power of wikipedia with the amazing display of the iPad.



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