mobile social media access grows in triple-digits year over year.

15 Mar

Mobile social media access grows

A recently released study by comScore showed that more than 30 Percent of Smartphone Owners Access Social Networking Sites via a Mobile Browser. That’s a lot of people. But, the even bigger statistic is that access to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter has grown at an almost unbelievable rate: Facebook access via mobile browsers grew 112% in the past year, while Twitter saw a 347% increase. Very interesting is that comScore does not include mobile apps in their statistics. Adding in all the Twitter and Facebook apps for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry surely push the percentage even higher. 

I think Mark Donovan, comScore senior vice president of mobile says it best: “Social networking remains one of the… fastest-growing behaviors on both the PC-based Internet and the mobile Web… “


Number of Mobile Subscribers Accessing Social Sites via Mobile Browser(3-month average ending Jan. 2010 vs. Jan. 2009 Total U.S. Age 13+)


Total Audience (000) 

Social Network Site 



% Change










Source: comScore MobiLens, March 2010


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