20 things I already know about the apple tablet. (iTablet / iSlate )

27 Jan


Found this very true list while browsing for news on Apple’s big announcement of the Apple Tablet tomorrow.


As the list is difficult to read, here are the “20 things I already know about the Apple Tablet”:

1. It will make you want one.

2. It will be missing something “essential”.

3. It will have at least one really surprising feature.

4. It will singlehandedly re-monetize some waning industry.

5. It will be Time Magazine’s device of the year.

6. It will have a short battery life.

7. It will standardize at least one new technology.

8. Steve Ballmer will say it’s too expensive and too limiting.

9. Companies will start playing catch-up.

10. All other similar products will be compared to it in their reviews.

11. At least one major critic will hate it on principle alone, then he’ll actually try it for a week.

12. It will become his main machine and he will write a story on his transition to the device.

13. People will sarcastically say that it does everything including making you coffee. This will somehow never get old.

14. At least one company will make an absolutely ridiculous and useless peripheral for it.

15. A group of people will say they’re waiting until it has “x feature” before they buy one. It will get that feature. They still won’t buy it.

16. Almost all cases for the device will be way too expensive.

17. It will somehow be used in the military.

18. You’ll eventually get over it’s name. Analysts will claim that it bridges the iPhone to Mac gap, thus helping the “halo” effect, without any evidence.

19. Early adopters will be heart-broken when version 2 of the product comes out.

20. People will say Apple did an upgrade of the device too quickly. Steve Jobs will say get over it.


(Thanks to John Burke)


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