blogs can help brands get started with social media.

21 Jan
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i’ve often thought about how blogs fill in nicely as the bridge between a stale corporate website and social networking websites (thanks to 10e20 for the info-graphic). moreover, it helps a brand jump-start their online presence in the world of social media.

the simple creation of a blog in order to bridge the space between a site and a full-blown social media presence is often overlooked. I am often asked by overwhelmed clients what they should create first in this fast-moving online world where the groundswell is in full effect.  my answer 9 out of 10 times is: a Blog.

a good blog is very powerful in the online world. instead of simply adding social networking badges on a homepage saying “follow us on twitter” or “find us on facebook” a blog can help a brand successfully create social awareness for itself rather than just pointing website visitors to where the official social media account(s) are.

according to 10e20, online social media users “are constantly looking for new and fresh content.” I couldn’t agree more – that is why my number one advice to clients is that ‘content is king.’ this mantra applies to all aspects of interactive marketing.  using SEO as an example: having great content creates strong links to your site which in turn will increase your rankings in the search engines. a blog can create this great content for your brand. you may not always be able to change the contents of a corporate site, but you can almost always make new posts to a blog.  a blog helps you reach users that are constantly on the search for fresh content. with ongoing, strong and effective content creation related to the brands business and sharing that blog contents on its social presence it can create a tremendously effective link between a social media presences and a main company website.

of course, there is always the question about how to create content for a blog.  the answer will vary and depend very much on the brands industry and comfort level with the online world.  however, most of the time it can start out by simply turning a newsletter into “bite-size” pieces on a blog. getting on a fairly regular schedule and figuring out who will contribute are also very important considerations.

the most important thing is to remember that a brand can easily live and thrive in the world of the groundswell & social media. It can all start with the creation of a blog.


business blogging blog is a great resource to get started with corporate blogging from brands.

my obvious choice to quickly get up an running with a blog is posterous. the best part is that it let’s automate pushing your blog content to your other social media accounts – serving as a true bridge between your website (where your blog lives) and the sometimes very intimidating world of social media. find out more about posterous here.


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