Nexus One offers the cheapest unlimited service on a smartphone

6 Jan



Not only the Unlimited Plan – which includes unlimited Voice, Messaging, and data – but also the average plan is less expensive with T-Mobile than with AT&T.  While AT&T charges $149.99 for unlimited, T-Mobile only charges $99.99.  This equals to savings over 24 months over almost 50%!  So, if price is the deciding factor when purchasing a phone the Nexus One should be your next phone. 

However, we all know that Apple and AT&T have never wanted to compete based on price, but rather on product and service offerings.  The question will know be whether Apple’s superior branding and AT&T’s arguably better service offering can hold off the Nexus One.

On a side note, Sprint’s Palm Pre does offer the cheapest cost of ownership among the four smartphones compared by above.  But let’s be honest that being sold exclusively by Sprint has taken the otherwise solid Palm Pre out of the running from the beginning.


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