2010 a Year of Apps and Downs for the iPhone

5 Jan
Photo: Reuters

In just about a year the number of iPhone Apps rose from 10,000 to 100,000 which is 10 times as many as the second place App Store for Android.

In the past the capabilities of a phone would be known by a quick look at the feature list. Today, however, there are Apps, these more or less useful application with which you can make from an iPhone – or a Google Phone – a navigation system, just as fast as a game console or even a fitness coach. Within a year the number of iPhone Apps increased from 10,000 to over 100,000, and also for the Google smartphone, Android,  there are now 16,000 applications.

Therefore, the really question are why are there not already Apps for “Sesame Street” or PBS? Apps for “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” or “The New York Times” have existed for some time for the Internet-to-go.

Yet, the really “Who want to be a Millionaire?” question has been answered a long time ago: Making all the cash and becoming rich with this model of unlimited functionality and freedom that comes with each new application is only one entity and that is Apple. About 30 percent of the proceeds of the fee-based Apps go to the company of Steve Jobs. On the other hand, network operators earn – in the USA, therefore, AT&T, because of the data transmission costs.

Nevertheless: Looking beyond the US cell phone market of flat rate everything including data transmission there is a system in which you are regularly informed about the costs and how much you are spending on data transmission. In these countries, the most important App for cost savings is: the Wifi mode – as the cell companies cannot charge you for data transmission via Wifi.

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