the future is now: “the golden triangle.”

17 Dec

golden triangle marketing

Reading a great blog post by Brian Solis on “The Future of Interactive Marketing” got me thinking about the “Golden Triangle” that I frist heard about a few weeks ago. By the way the aforementioned blog post is a MUST READ for any marketer. 

In a nutshell, in addition to my favorite local search, the three current big megatrends in the web/tech sector are: mobile, social, and real-time. It’s like a “golden triangle.” It’s why the search engines were so keen on being the first to implement real-time search (Google), design mobile apps (bing), and partner with social networks (yahoo with Facebook & Google with Twitter).

As with Brian Solis puts it “the Golden Triangle […] facilitates a new genre of content production, distribution, and consumption as well as social interaction and collaboration. It’s borderless, untethered, and practically device agnostic.

“You” are at the center of the Golden Triangle and remain connected to your social and professional graph via devices, applications and networks hosted on mobile and Web-based (cloud) platforms.”


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