Is Apple toying with Google? [iPhone and Google Voice]

21 Sep

According to Google’s statement from last Friday, in contrast to previous statements Apple rejected the Google Voice app outright.
So, it Google yelling: “You’re a Liar!” to Apple? Sort of, but not fully. This may be the first chapter in the Apple Google war of the second decade of the 21st Century. It all started when Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, left Apple’s board earlier this year after sitting on it since 2006.
The issue is that Apple ahs always run a very tight ship, maybe a little too tights. But, now that all of a sudden there are millions of Apple users via the iPhone they are just “enjoying” this tight ship that Apple runs. There really is nothing wrong with what Apple is doing – it is doing waht Steve Jobs loves: Controlling the end-user experience to the t. However, why doesn’t Apple simply come out and admit to this? Well, becasue there would be about a millin and one lawsuits files that day by companies that want their apps or programs to run on the iPhone regardless of what Apple thinks.
This brings us to the problem that Apple does not have the structures in place to properly monitor app submissions to the app store. Apple is making 30% of every app sold, so wouldn’t it be in their own best interest to approve as many apps as possibel to increase revenue? That’s where Steve Jobs and his tight ship come in.
So, in other words what we are witnessing is not the prelude to Google versus Apple, but rather Google versus Steve Jobs.
Since this story broke laste last week, Apple has again denied rejecting the Google Voice App to spite Google.
Read more: Gizmodo and Macrumors.


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