Will metrics become part of the content-creation process thanks to Adobe-Omnitre deal?

17 Sep

So, Adobe bought Omniture yesterday. I know a lot has been said about the financial and business impact of this, but what does this really mean for marketing and advertising? 

In the one corner you have Adobe the number one tool that aids in the creation of just anything using a computer, which according to Wikipedia has “historically focused upon the creation of multimedia and creativity software products.” In other words, every creative on this blue planet has, will, or does use an Adobe product to some extent – most likely more than less.

In the other corner you have Omniture the golden standard of online marketing web analytics software, which has historically grown from purchases of smaller but very relevant companies. In other words, if you want to be taken seriously as a website, you use Omniture just like a newspaper uses ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulations).

Combine these two opposite end of the spectrum entities – one creates the content, the other company measures it – and what do you get? A one stop solution, or as Adobe President-CEO Shantanu Narayen calls it: “end-to-end platform.” Some people are saying that now creatives will have to think about metrics from the beginning of the content-creation process. 

After the deal, Omniture CEO Josh James said that it will “allow creatives to integrate measurement into the front end of the ad-creation process” and that “marrying the two companies would improve content engagement, ad effectiveness and the overall user experience that’s driving the shift of ad dollars from offline to online.” This means that moving forward with this new deal in place, agencies will build Adobe Flash creative with Omniture tracking codes implanted from the beginning – this will enable them to track the views and consumer engagement of the creative across the web, and maybe even begin to micro-charge for every view, partial view or forward of their content versus just seeing measurements for impressions or clicks.

I believe that the ultimate outcome of this deal is that in the world of media analysis there will be more clarity and better metrics – definitely a move in the right direction!

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